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Tuesday, August 09, 2011 

Looks Like Stephen Harper Locked Himself In Bathroom In Dispute With President Of Brazil ......

"On a trade mission to Brazil this week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apparently engaged in some pretty undiplomatic behavior, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha. On Monday, Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff asked that official speeches and toasts take place after a lunch with Harper. Harper, however, reportedly had a different idea. He wanted the speeches to happen before his lunch, and Folha says he decided to lock himself in the private bathroom of the foreign affairs minister until he got his way."
Washington Post

"According to a Brazilian report, Prime Minister Stephen Harper locked himself in a bathroom when discussions with President Dilma Rousseff went awry over the timing of toasts during a state lunch. The Brazilian news website Folha says Harper, in Brasilia for trade talks, took to the bathroom of Brazil's foreign minister in a mini-protest over the toast issue, and refused to come out until his South American counterparts relented. The alleged use of this stalling tactic (get it? stalls? bathrooms?) follows a previous protocol scuffle between the Brazilians and Canadians, as the former refused to have media photographers attend a photo op. Of course, the Prime Minister's Office denies this happened, but as you may recall, Harper missed a group photo at the G20 meeting in London in 2009 due to an extended trip to the bathroom."
The Mark News

Here is a reputable translation of the Folha story linked above:

"Canadian Prime Minister goes to bathroom and comes out only when requirement met

Natuza Nery
Eliane Cantanhêde
Folha columnist

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper put Brazilian diplomats in a difficult (embarrassing) position this Monday, demanding a change in the Brazilian diplomatic protocol and only accepted to come out for lunch after his request had been accepted.

The official speeches and toasts can take place before or after lunch. Dilma (Rouseff, Brazil’s president) prefers to have these after lunch, so this is what is being done during her presidency. But Harper was adamant that it should take place before lunch. He did not explain why.

Harper had already irked Dilma’s advisors and diplomats when he announced that he wished to speak to journalists at the Palacio do Planalto (the Presidential Palace) when the protocol is generally that foreign dignitaries talk to the press at the Itamaraty (the Foreign Affairs palace).

Since Brazilian diplomats denied his request to speak to the press at the Presidential palace, Harper was already in a bad mood when he arrived for lunch. He demanded the shift in protocol at the lunch event, and locked himself in the private bathroom of ministro Antonio Patriota (Brazil’s Foreign Affairs Minister) while he waited for a reply.

Brazilian diplomats were taken aback and did not know what to do – if they should listen to Dilma’s request or to Harper. Harper arrived at the room (in the Foreign Affairs ministry) where the lunch was taking place only when Brazilian diplomats confirmed that the speeches and toasts would take place before lunch, as he had demanded.

The Canadian Embassy in Brasilia does not confirm this version of events, but the Folha has confirmed with diplomats present at the event."

Centre Block Blog

-Business Insider has more ...

Hey B-dog, a couple of us are having a chat re this on Fbook and I'm thinking we should all send a square of TP to the PM with something written on it. My first thought is the name of a good internal doctor, one who can help him with his poop problem. But perhaps something more politically astute would be better.

LOL ... can you send me the FB link so that I can post it and increase the discussion? I like your idea!

Once again we see what a disadvantage the 60% of Canadians who dispise Harper are at. Not a mention of this significant failure on the world stage in the main stream radio, tv or newspapers.

Harper has his hissy fits and tantrums and causes scenes and rearranges furniture.

I've never used Harper's name and the term Prime Minister in the same sentence until now because he's not worthy of the title.

His recent action proves my point.

When does Canada get a Prime Minister worthy of the name?

People don't understand: He's a complex man with a lot of thoughts racing through his mind. Plus he wanted to see if it's true that water flows the other way down the toilet below the equator.

Not a mention of this significant failure on the world stage in the main stream radio, tv or newspapers.

Call it the Mansbridge Syndrome.

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