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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 

NOT Even One Saskatchewan MSM Outlet Reported On The Provinces's Reaction To Freezing Federal Health Transfer Payments

If there is any province in the nation where the main stream media has completely bought into a political party, it is Saskatchewan.

Yesterday, Canada's Health Ministers met and were told that a ceiling on health transfer payments is looming. National media reported that 6 provinces are outraged (Man - Ont - Que - PEI - NS - Nfld) and that BC, NB and Alberta support the federal Conservatives. Not one mention of Saskatchewan.

Now look ... we KNOW that whatever Harper says immediately becomes Saskatchewan Government policy. But not even one Saskatchewan news outlet (CBC - Regina Leader-Post - Saskatoon Star Phoenix - Rawlco Radio, etc) has reported Saskatchewan's official position.

Journalists, news reporters and media outlets in Saskatchewan are not representing the public interest. Corporate media policy in Saskatchewan is based on outright support for Brad Wall and Stephen Harper. No questions are asked. In fact if you go on Twitter and take a look at the accounts of the (supposed) two most prominent political reporters in Saskatchewan, all you will see is their ongoing 'ha ha' tweets with a Right wing radio talk show host and Premier Brad Wall. Nice.

Welcome to Saskatchewan!

Despite protestations from a CBC staffer and one from the Leader-Post, I stand by what I said in the title of this post. I posted the above yesterday morning an hour before noon. At that time THERE WERE NO stories on the CBC Sask website nor the L-P website. CBC carried a story around 5:00 PM and the LP has coverage today. The earliest MSM story on the topic was at about 1:00 PM yesterday on the NTR website.

Freezing health care transfers? Hardly.

The proposal is to index the amount to nominal GDP growth, a controversial but not outrageous proposal. Growth in transfer payments can not outpace economic growth forever and be sustainable.

You miss the spirit of the Canada Health Act, rabbit. It's about ensuring a high standard of health care that is universally accessible and covered by public funds.

What the Harper Government™ has done is turn federal funding into an incentive regime, rewarding the most productive provincial economies with funding. Also barely reported nationally, unlike previous accords, this government has abandoned the principles of ensuring universal access and qualitative benchmarks, letting the provinces decide how they decide to deliver health care services, even if that means introducing two tier medicine.

The timepost on my story is 10:49 AM (CST) - 11:49 AN (EST)on Dec 20th. NO stories appeared on this topic at the CBC Sask website, Newstalk Radio, Regina L-P, Sktoon SP.

After I posted above, stories started trickling in. The first NTR story was after 1:00 Pm. Maybe stop being so ignorant and check your facts before crap falls out of your idiotic right wing mouth!

CBC didn't file a report on their website until 5:06 PM on Dec 20th ... over 6 hours after my accusation. I have clearly offended a CBC Sask political reporter. Apparently pointing out CBC's failings botherd her. Get thicker skin! Now .. Please resume your normal 'ha ha' tweets on Twitter!

Should we maybe wait until the final deal has been signed, rather than exhaust ourselves on the negotiation spin?

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