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Friday, April 27, 2012 

Canadians Are Waking Up To The Fact That Stephen Harper Does Not Have The Best Interests Of Canada At Heart - He's An Extreme Right Winger Whose Nose Is Up Big Business's Butt

Stephen Harper is not going to be Prime Minister for ever. The sooner Canadians see him out of office, the better the whole nation will be. This country is starting to wake up to the reality of Mr. Harper's Right wing world view and destructive vision.  

"The numerous clouds looming over the Conservative government have caused many Canadians who thought highly of Prime Minister Stephen Harper two months ago to question his competence, his trustworthiness and his vision for Canada, a new poll suggests." 
The Globe & Mail

... And by the way .....
NDP Surge Ahead of Conservatives In The Polls ...... !! 

The Guest worker program is a Industry friendly way to screw Canadians out of jobs in the resource industry. Guest workers can be paid 15% less than minimum wage. In Australia, royalties on resouces are 30%, and workers in resource are bringing home $200,000, and they are bringing the troops home a year early.

Harper is no Conservative anyway. The Northern Foundation Party is his true party, from 1989. They said, the skinheads organized Harper's party for him. That's exactly how Harper is behaving, just like a typical dictator.

Harper cares about Harper, and to hell with the people. The lies, deceit and corruption, from Harper's Conservatives, has everyone very, very angry.

Harper and his gang, are the only ones to be investigated for their election fraud and the robo-calls. Over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M....he knew it, he cheated. Now, 70% of Canadians want Harper gone.

The outrageous waste of our tax dollars, is really getting to Canadians. Harper gives billions to banks, mines and gas oil corporations. Harper steals from us, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world. Harper's billion dollar stupid fake lake, didn't sit well either. Then of course, there is Oda. Over the last five years, she has ripped off enought tax money, for everyone to be given the OAS, at sixty-five.

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