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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 

How Stephen Harper And The Conservatives Led Canada To Military Defeat In Afghanistan ....

OTTAWA—When he assumed power six years ago, Stephen Harper let it be known he would brook no opposition from the naysayers on Afghanistan. “There may be some who may want to cut and run.’’ he said during his first visit to Canadian troops. “But cutting and running is not your way, it’s not my way and it’s not the Canadian way.’’ He would stand by the military mission there even if it cost him an election, he said, months after winning his first minority. Over the weekend in Chicago, the Harper view on Afghanistan had become “no.
Toronto Star  

Think back to the false bravado of 2006 when Conservatives and some Right wing Liberals unleashed the 'dogs of war' and puffed themselves up with militaristic rhetoric. "To War"! 

Canadians were going to defeat the Taliban in a few short weeks and liberate the Afghan people! 

New Democrat Leader, Jack Layton, was labelled as 'Taliban Jack' for suggesting that we enter into diplomatic discussions with the Taliban before we resort to war. Harper and the Canadian Right said 'NO" and anyone who stood against the war was traitorous to the Dominion and did not 'support the troops'! 

And now? 

Well ... we have 158 dead Canadian soldiers ... we've spent $10 Billion tax dollars on an unwinable conflict .... we've contributed to the absolute misery of the Afghan people .... we have hundreds of emotionally damaged soldiers coming home .... and all this for what? Stephen Harper's ego? 

The War in Afghanistan was doomed from the very beginning. Some progressives tried to warn the nation. Did the nation listen??? 

Progressives asked why we were not trying to communicate with the Taliban back in 2006 ... to find a way for them to function in the company of their fellow nations? No! George Bush and Stephen Harper WANTED war! Case closed ... no discussion!

(Buckdog on Canada's wasted efforts in Afghanistan ... over the years!)

-March 05, 2006 - Did We Not Learn Anything From the Vietnam Experience? 

 -October 01, 2006 - POLL Canadians Consider Afghanistan Lost Cause  

-November 25, 2006 - 'NATO Could Fail in Afghanistan' Says Top General  

-August 10, 2007 - Lies The Canadian Military Tells About Afghanistan  

-March 05, 2008 - I Wonder If Some Day I Will Write A Post With The Title: 'Did We NOT Learn Anything From The Afghanistan Experience?"

Its a commentary on our Media that Harper has not flipped flopped, was not wrong, but has grown, and now is a great leader making a great decision to reverse course.

Taliban Steve, cutting and runnin and paying blackmail for three years to scumbags.

Very good point Steve. You are totally accurate on that observation! It's up to us to try and put the right light on Harper's war mongering.

While troops can win the battles, they can't win the war. Their enemies can be their friends by day, and their killers by night. How can soldiers tell, who are the foe? There are no uniforms? Innocent women and children are killed and horribly maimed, by both the Taliban and our own troops. As soon as all the troops are gone from Afghanistan, they will revert, right back to their own ways. You would have to change their entire culture and their religious beliefs.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, ICC's Chief Prosecutor, is to summons Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

One of the many lawsuits against Harper, is by the Veterans maimed for life, because of Harper's wars. The Veterans are no longer any use for Harper, so they are tossed out into the trash. It's up to parents and grandparents, to tell our young, to stay the hell out of Harper's military.

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