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Tuesday, May 08, 2012 

He'll Deny It ... But Premier Brad Wall Would Like To Lead The Conservative Party Of Canada

Saskatchewan's Brad Wall started his political career as a ministerial assistant in the corrupt Grant Devine Progressive Conservative administration of the 1980's. With Wall were his pals, and fellow political aides, Reginald (Reg) Downs and Iain Harry. After the timely death of the Devine regime, Saskatchewan's PC's morphed into the Saskatchewan Party. Wall, Downs and Harry made their way by means of various political maneuvers into the Caucus and caucus office of the Saskatchewan Party.

After 16 years of New Democratic rule, the Sask Party won government with Brad Wall as Premier, Reg Downs as his top advisor and Iann Harry as Vice President of the Crown Investment Corporation.

 This little Saskatchewan Right Wing troika is bonded by their years together with Devine and in Opposition against the Romanow and Calvert NDP administrations. They work together well. There isn't a lot of room for outside influence in the Premier's Office. These are the guys who run the Saskatchewan Party. Downs and Harry both shun the public spotlight and Wall is the smiling, friendly front man.

 So guess who has a plan to ultimately replace Stephen Harper as leader of the federal Conservatives one day? It may be hard to picture the departure of Harper but hear me out. Harper is not that well liked - he won a majority federal government with only 40% support of Canadians. Harper is not the warm and friendly type of politician that Brad Wall is.

It is not inconceivable that Harper will continue to sink in the polls over the remainder of this term.  Stephen Harper has already reached his 'high water mark'. Add to the mix the fact that Conservatives have a history of turfing out leaders. 

Let's make a long story short .... guess who's sticking his toe into federal political waters?

Misters Wall, Downs and Harry are up to a new challenge. Wall will deny it. He will clearly tell the press that he has no intention of entering federal politics. But one thing that Saskatchewan political observers know about Mr. Wall. It is not what he 'says' that matters. Watch his actions. That tells the tale. Mr. Harper would be well advised to keep an eye on Saskatchewan's Brad Wall.

 -How Long Will Stephen Harper Stay? - The Globe & Mail

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