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Friday, August 24, 2012 

Liberal Senator's Wife Arrested At Saskatoon Airport For Creating Disturbance On Flight

SASKATOON — The 23-year-old wife of a Canadian senator appeared disheveled and emotional as she sat in the prisoner’s box of a provincial courtroom in Saskatoon on Friday morning.

Maygan Sensenberger, who married 69-year-old Senator Rod Zimmer of Winnipeg almost one year ago in Ottawa, is charged with causing a public disturbance and endangering the safety of an aircraft by committing an act of violence during a flight.

City police said they were called to Saskatoon’s John G. Diefenbaker Airport around 8 p.m. Thursday night to deal with a passenger on an incoming flight who was causing a disturbance. Officers took Sensenberger into custody once the plane landed and passengers disembarked. No one was injured.

She is accused of threatening to kill her husband and “take down the aircraft,” as well as causing a disturbance by screaming and yelling on the Air Canada flight from Ontario, a Crown prosecutor said during her arraignment Friday.

Sensenberger was remanded in custody for the weekend and is expected to make a second court appearance on Monday — their one-year wedding anniversary.
Ottawa Citizen

If I were married to a Liberal Senator, I'd probably be very upset as well.

Canada's political elite live lives of privilege. filled with perks and paid for by taxpayers - I stand strongly for abolishon of the Senate.

... can't spell ...

If we abolish the senate, how would old conservative men find their young wives?! Give it some sober second thought!

I find this story "disturbing" on so many different levels. It says just so much about what "liberals" stand for - privilege and power and sexism and overt sexual objectation.

Wasn't she also singing "Come fly with me, / Let's fly / Let's fly away" ?

I have three theories as to what happened:

1) She all of a sudden realized he's three times older than her;

2) She came off whatever mind bending drugs he was slipping in her food;

3) She all of a sudden realized he is the spitting image of Gollum...just taller.

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