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Monday, November 12, 2012 

'Faith' Based Belief Rather Than 'Fact' Based Reality Is What Left The Republicans Stunned That They Had Lost The Presidency

The enduring image I will retain of the 2012 Presidential election is the clip of Karl Rove in an angry outburst of complete denial when  FOX News joined the other networks and declared Obama elected in Ohio, hence re-elected as President.

Regardless of the facts that were being presented, Rove would not .. could not acknowledge reality. The Republicans had lost and he was having a great deal of trouble digesting the outcome.

Romney himself was unprepared for defeat .. not even having prepared a concession speech. Donald Trump briefly lost his mind and spouted extremely seditious anger. Karl Rove sat in FOX studios stuttering and stammering.

They had lost. How could this possibly have happened?

The Right wing of the political spectrum is well known for renouncing fact based reality in exchange for a hodge podge of quasi-logical beliefs.

All of the nonsense that we have endured from the Right (legitimate rape - God's will - tax cutting for the rich - climate change denial - creationism - abstinence as birth control - evils of contraception - '3 strikes yer out' - Bomb Iran - Birthers - Tea party) is based on misguided 'belief' and has very little to do with factual reality.

The Right BELIEVED they would win. They did not consider any other outcome. Nothing from the realm of 'Reality' was going to interfere with their beliefs .....

The Right lost .... they still can't figure out why ....  

-Romney earned ZERO VOTES in dozens of urban precincts!  

-Big GOP donors see small return on investment

-Romney 'Shellshocked' By His Defeat

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