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Thursday, March 14, 2013 

Liberal Party Leadership Alchemy - Seven Leaders in Ten Years

Over a ten year period (2003 - 2013), the once great Liberal Party of Canada has been overseen by 6 different Leaders:
 -Jean Chrétien
-Paul Martin
-Bill Graham*
-Stephane Dion
-Michael Ignatieff
-Bob Rae

.... with a 7th Leader to be chosen in the coming weeks. 
Seven different Leaders within 10 years! 

I am reminded of a time, long ago, known as the Dark Ages when quasi-scientists called 'alchemists' worked tirelessly to find a way to turn base metals into gold. Century after century they experimented and searched for the magic formula that would give them unimaginable wealth . Failure after failure, they endured. 'Perhaps the next experiment would allow copper to be turned into gold'! 

Ultimately, those who practiced alchemy acknowledged the failure of their quest because there is NO way to turn iron into gold. 

So here we have modern 'political alchemists' in the Liberal Party of Canada trying to turn their soured fortunes into an electoral bonanza. Liberals go from leader to leader now, trying to find the right one to take them back to the glory days of their party.

At some point, you would think that the LPC would understand that no matter who they select, the problem is not with the 'leader'  .... no ... the problem is that they are a tired, old, intellectually bankrupt political force that became fat, sassy, corrupt and 'entitled'.

Justin Trudeau will not turn Liberal fortunes to gold.

 Progressive Bloggers

Couldn't agree more; though one could argue Justin has the shine of "fool's gold" to him, which might fool some section of the public for a short amount of time.

"Fool's gold" .. I like that!!!!

I agree with "fool's gold". In other Liberal news is what is going on with the BC Liberal party.

We hear constantly that the BC Liberal party is not really liberal but soc credit reincarnation.

But if that's so true, than what the heck are top Ontario Liberal operatives who worked closely with McGuinty out in BC and working for Christie.

Again, its more liberal Fool"s gold.

Absolutely ... you'd think some Liberals would be getting embarrassed by all of this nonsense!

Well, a year and a half later and the fool swept the country into a lib majority.

2, even.

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