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Saturday, August 15, 2015 

In Spite Of Conservative and Liberal Rhetoric ... The Sask NDP Governments of Romanow And Calvert BALANCED 14 Consecutive Provincial Budgets .. Thomson Would Make A Good Candidate For HoC

The Saskatchewan NDP were elected in 1991 after 9 disastrous years of PC rule under Grant Devine. Devine did not balance even one of his 9 budget and left the province of 1 million citizens in debt totaling $14 Billion. The incoming Romanow NDP government had a deficit in its first two budgets but … the NDP balanced the NEXT 14 PROVINCIAL BUDGETS.
Don’t let Conservative and Liberal lies dissuade you. Look at the record .. look at the facts.

"The federal New Democrats are pitting a former Saskatchewan finance minister against the incumbent federal minister in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, in a bid to shore up the party's credibility on the economic front.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was confident that Thomson can defeat Conservative Joe Oliver, but the NDP has never done well in the riding.
"The NDP's Andrew Thomson offers the people of Eglinton-Lawrence something that Joe Oliver hasn't — a record of balanced budgets," Mulcair said.
Mulcair said he'll take Thomson's economic record in Saskatchewan over that of Oliver and Prime Minister Stephen Harper any day.
As finance minister in Saskatchewan, Thomson brought in big tax cuts in 2006 and skirmished with the federal government over equalization payments.
Mulcair said an NDP government would give Parliament's budget officer more powers so Canadians have a much better window into the budget process.
"Our plan will enshrine budget transparency into law," Mulcair said as he announced the policy at a campaign event in Toronto."

*typo corrected. Apologies. The author of this blog is severely visually impaired after failed detached retina surgery and ongoing glaucoma. Typos occur when I am unable to get someone to help me proof read. My ongoing apologies for this. Please be patient :)

Yes I agree with you, The Fraser Institute is one of the worst outfits in the country, they are funded as you know by the corporations who do not want to pay their share of the taxes and they are always claiming we are not tax free until some time in June , whereas they pay know income tax and the corporations tax free day comes near the end of January.They are spreading anti propaganda against the newly elected government of Alberta,and the problem is caused by the world down turn in oil which is determined by the oil producing countries in the middle east. The corporations want the N.D.P. out as they like to be in the driving seat and pay little or no taxes.

The Fraser Institute likes to spread untrue propaganda against the N.D.P. as they are funded by the corporations who do not want to pay their share of the taxes. They like to point out that most of us ,the tax free time comes for us in June, while their tax free day comes near the end of January.They them selves do not pay income tax,read the item in The Vancouver Sun by Stephen Hume which was published a few months ago.

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