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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Nova Scotia NDP Makes Gains!!

Final Results: NDP 20 - Lib 9 - Con 23 -

- New Democrats make seat gains at expense of Liberals and Conservatives!

Congrats to Mr. Dexter and his Party for seat gains! NDP OFFICIAL OPPOSITION!!
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Wow, the slightly less socalists, slightly beat, the slightly more socalists. Big whoop.

Isn't it time for your meeting to come up with ways for Stephen Harpo to privatise the sidewalks in front of peoples houses?

My aren't we drinking the NDP kool-aid. Dexter & Co had their best shot they've ever had & ever will have again to form gov't & came up short. This ain't much to celebrate

I know ... to come so close is frustrating but look at this:
1)Ndp won record number of seats at 20!
2)Took seats from the Tories in Rural N.S! (wow!)
3)Kept the Conservatives from majority
4)Helped defeat the leader of the Liberal Party!
Have faith - the NDP WILL form the government of Nova Scotia in the near future!! There is no doubt. And as all Conservative govenments do, both Stephen Harpo's and your own provincial conservatives will self destruct in their traditional corrup manner. It's just a matter of time!

And of course no Liberal or NDP politician has ever been even implicated in any sort of shananigans.

Your living in la,la land pup.

At least I don't live in a world where people like you want to ensure that only average citizens pay taxes and big multi national corporations are 'carried' by the people who work for them! You are so totally ideologically driven. Even your handle 'moneybagsforme' illustrates how superficial your overall world view is. I recommend that you read a book by Dr. Wilhelm Reich entitled 'The Mass Psychology of Facism'. It demonstrates why people think that way.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I must say I get a real kick out of how you constantly try (and fail) to size up a persons entire philosophical,psychological,and political views based on a few passing statements.

It really is quite funny.

Your book recomendation says far more about you than it does about myself. I figured you for a Marxist, this confirms the suspicion, and shows how far down the rabbit hole you have sunk.

It must drive you crazy to know that your beloved NDP resemble fascists far more than they resemble Marxists these days.

AND it must drive you CRAZY when we break your cover and disclose your CTF connections!!

LOL, proof please.

Oh yah, you got squat!

stay tuned for a feature upcoming -

I'm waiting on pins and needles.

Yes - the expose will highlight the exact times that a couple of new 'posters' suddenly appeared on Blogger, - postng only on this site and the CTF site (all within the same hour during the heated debate over the CTF staffer minimizing the Nazi holocaust). It is quite interesting - we have mapped this meticulously BUT don't want to use it until the time is right.

Never-the-less I can't wait for your latest instalment in the lack-of-proof-as-proof series.

Or maybe one of your dazzling press release that everyone across the country got collusion theories.

Those are always good for a chuckle.

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