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Friday, September 01, 2006 

What Harper Says Inconsistent with What Harper Does

"Principles not polls will govern how the Conservatives establish policy", Prime Minister Stephen Harper said at a Friday news conference in Cornwall, Ont. "We don't make decisions in our government based on polls," Harper said.. (Canadian Press /CP)

Oh really!?!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists he doesn't govern by polls, but a leaked report indicates his government has been paying for research to see what Canadians think about the environment. (CTV)

CTV News Aug 31st

CBC New Aug 8th

A focus group is not a poll.

I was in a focus group, focus: bank about to launch a new service. 10 peoples opinion on how user friendly it was.

A focus group is not a 'principle'.

"Principles ... will govern how the Conservatives establish policy", Prime Minister Stephen Harper said

Paying for polls doesn't proof anything. Harper says that his government "[doesn't] make decisions [...] based on polls. So its principles OVER polls, that's all there's to it.

-The real issue? Kyoto.
-The principle? No Kyoto protocol.
-So why the poll? To figure out how to get the public to support this "neo" way of thought without to much political damage.

And I wish him NO LUCK in that whatsoever.

Leftdog,where do you stand on the Kyoto Protocol,just curious.

Simply this - the weather is changing. I live in Saskathchewan and it never even got very cold last winter. I do not doubt global warming and I am certain that human activity is a major contributor. Something has to be done to try and remedy or reverse what is happening.

Burning more fossil fuels isn't helping. I understand the arguments from both the right and the left and from the developed world and the underdeveloped.

We have a ticking timebomb I believe and something has to give. I don't like that big parts of the underdeveloped world are not covered by Kyoto. I don't like the western world saying - well then 'to heck with it - we're gonna just keep on doing what we want'.

Personally I think that we have the technologies and 'know how' to make a difference, but we lack the political and economic will - and I mean the whole world.

So I am able to tick everyone off with my opinions on Kyoto.

Thank you,but I just knew that you would say something like that.

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