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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Calgary Stampeders CONFIRM Gopher Ban

Demonstrating a streak of mean spirited partisanship, spokespersons for the Calgary Stampeders football club have confirmed that this Sunday's game "is their party and they will ban (gophers) if they want to".

Saskatchewan Roughrider fans are outraged that Rider mascot, 'Gainer the Gopher' has been banned from the field at this weekend's Western Conference Semi-Final in Calgary. We have always welcomed Calgary's mascot, Ralph the Dog at Taylor Field in Regina.

The Calgary Sun - Gopher banned from Stamps game

Gopher Ban Hits Sask Legislature

Just goes to show how scared the Stampeders are of a huge Roughrider crowd at Sunday's game.

Why is that? Because Roughrider football lives in Calgary - a fact many born and bred Calgarians loathe.

Too bad Stamps, 'Rider Nation is coming to your house and just because Gainer the Gopher is not "allowed" in, doesn't mean the stands won't be as green as they woudl be even if he was there.

So now it's "Win for Tommy and Gainer".

Or did I miss something here?

Indeed, it will be a win for Tommy and Gainer! The Stamps were getting kinda cocky, anyway. All the more reason to wipe their butts!

mutter-mutter...can't believe it...banning a rodent...mutter-mutter!

of the
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
Published under the
authority of
The Honourable P. Myron Kowalsky

The Speaker: — The Chair recognizes the member for Moose
Jaw North

(Gainer the Gopher Banned from McMahon Stadium)

Hon. Mr. Hagel: — Well thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.
Mr. Speaker, it is a sad day in Saskatchewan. Imagine our shock and dismay at our opponent’s display of bad blood and poor sportsmanship. Mr. Speaker, the entire province is
incensed — and rightfully so — over what is clearly a violation of all that Saskatchewan people value and all that we hold near and dear.
And it begs the question: whatever happened to the rules of good conduct and proper etiquette and fair play? Mr. Speaker, football is a rough and tumble game, and we’ve witnessed other transgressions over the years. But, Mr. Speaker, this one is different. The hard hits and give-and-take that go on at field
level are one thing, but banning Gainer the Gopher, the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ beloved mascot and our province’s favourite gopher, from McMahon Stadium for this weekend’s
western semi-final against the Calgary Stampeders, Mr. Speaker
— I say that this has simply just gone too far.
Some Hon. Members: — Hear, hear!

Hmm...gotta wonder if Klein's gonna take a shot back at us and this is all some ploy to get everyone riled up for the big game...

The game's not 'til Sunday, right?

Why do I have a feeling that by then, most of the thousands of the Riders fans who are attending the game will own gopher masks!

I think the stamps just traded 1 gopher for over 1000. If they thought Saskatchewan fans were going to get too riled up by the presence of one gopher, what will 1000 do???

And should the Stamps make it past the Riders, allow this Argo's fan to humbly suggest that if the team that faces them in the second round has home field, that that team, whomever they are, absolutely FILL their stands with gophers.

This ought to haunt the Stamps for as long as they're in the playoffs.

Frankly, until now, I didn't care who won this game on Sunday. But now?

Go Riders.

Love the picture of Gainer. The rodent needs to herd and ride those cats, I mean stampeders.

Buckdog, I put together a little video of Gainer pertaining to the current crisis. It's on YouTube here:


Absolutely Fabulous!!

Here is the Press Release from the Calgary Stampeders:

Gainer Not Now, Never Was Banned
11/01/06 - Canadian Football League (CFL) Calgary Stampeders

Calgary Stampeders
(CALGARY) - It has been erroneously reported by major Calgary newspapers, the Saskatchewan Football Club and various Regina media outlets, that the Calgary Stampeder Football Club has restricted access to McMahon Stadium for the Roughrider Team mascot known as "Gainer".

Gainer will have and always has had the same access and privileges as any other Rider Fan sitting in McMahon Stadium.

The Stampeder organization has not granted field access to Gainer for the Scotiabank West Semi-Final. The organization retains the right in its home field advantage to be led by their mascot Ralph the Dog with no on field competition by the Roughriders Mascot.

We would like to make it perfectly clear to all media outlets that have been erroneously reporting that Gainer has been banned from McMahon Stadium. No such action was ever taken by the Calgary Stampeder Football Club. We find the accusations to be offensive to our organization.

As far back as any staff members can remember, an opposing team mascot was never granted field access at any playoff game hosted at McMahon Stadium. We welcome the Saskatchewan fans and Gainer to attend the game with the same privileges as any other spectator to McMahon Stadium.

I am really hoping that the BC Lions tell Gainer to 'stay the hell at home'
(wink wink nod nod)

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