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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 

Will the REAL Conservatives Please Stand Up

Remind me to stop reading the Calgary Sun. For those of us who are NOT right wingers, it is a read that can spoil a nice evening.

Not listening to my own advice, I found two separate articles wherein two separate hard right characters are defining themselves as 'real' Conservatives.

In an article by Paul Jackson entitled, 'MP Underestimated', we are treated to a sickeningly soupy piece of schlock that praises embattled Tory MP Rob Anders.

Mr. Anders is the Calgary West MP who was being challenged for his nomination until Stephen Harper stepped in and ensured that Mr. Anders was 'acclaimed'. Court action initiated by 11 fellow Calgary West Conservative Party members is still pending. Here is a quote from the Jackson article, "Anders fully admits to his controversial image and isn't about to apologize for it. "It's because I'm a real Conservative. I wear my conservatism on my sleeve and my conservatism pounds through my heart. I'm not in this for any personal gain, or accolades, I'm in it to do the best for my country."

Well if that didn't turn me off, I read further and stumbled upon an article by Western Standard Editor, and former Calgary Federal candidate, Ezra Levant.

Now his piece is titled, 'Tories take left turn - 'Counterfeit Conservatives' threaten Alberta agenda.' In it, he accuses the provincial Conservatives of being further left then the Liberals. Ezra clearly sees himself, like Mr. Anders, as a REAL Conservative.

Okay, so we have two very extreme right wing Conservatives from Calgary who believe that they are the keepers of the 'true tory religion'.

Next week, maybe we will hear from other REAL Conservatives in the Calgary Sun, maybe Jason Kenney ..... maybe Stephen Harper!

MP Underestimated
Counterfeit Conservatives

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I'm a conservative, and I think the Sun's mostly rubbish. I hate reading it actually.

It's kind of interesting that you'd post on being a 'true-conservative', because I've recently been accused of not being a real conservative on my blog.

In order to meet this commentors definition of being a true conservative, you have to do 4 things: oppose gay marriage, oppose affirmative action, oppose abortion, and oppose open immigration. Only if you oppose these 4 things, can you consider yourself conservative.

The most bizarre part is that there wasn't one economic qualification whatsoever. I suppose Stalin was "right wing", by this definition.

Anyways, just thought I'd share.

Well if they are true blue conservative, why aren't they enlisting in the military to go down in hope and glory, to fight for freedom for thee country?

Good point Jan!

Olaf - I'm hard core left - if it means anything to you, you will always be a REAL 'conservative' in my eyes!

Rob Anders "underestimated"? Relative to what? - a bale of moldy hay?!

Mind you, it is Paul Jackson's estimate...so take it for what it's worth.

Outside of ideology, I have never figured out why Harper keeps protecting that loon. (or why Calgary West voters keep electing him, for that matter)

Anders is basically Jason Kenney with less brains. Kenney's at least smart enough to keep his truly obnoxious opinions slightly below the radar. (He's still obnoxious, and a lousy MP, IMO)

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