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Friday, November 03, 2006 

Jason Kenney, 'the fang-bearing Chihuahua that bites back'

Calgary MP, Jason Kenney, has become one of the most prominent Conservatives in Question Period, where he fills in for the Prime Minister on Fridays and anytime Mr. Harper is out of town. Mr. Kenney also plays a large role in QP planning.

He also brings experience, because he was Question Period coordinator under Mr. Harper as the official opposition leader.

Kenney was born in Ontario and raised in Saskatchewan. He graduated from the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, a Catholic residential college located in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. He did undergraduate studies in philosophy at the St. Ignatius Institute of the University of San Francisco, a private Roman Catholic university founded by the Society of Jesus.

Politically, he has been all over the map. In 1988 Kenney served as an executive assistant to the leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. Kenney's prior experience also includes a term as Executive Director of the Alberta Taxpayers Association, and President and CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, an extreme right wing business advocacy organization.

He was originally a Member of Parliament for the Reform Party of Canada (1997-2000), and then he sat as an MP with the Canadian Alliance (2000-2003). He co-chaired the United Alternative Task Force, and served as the national co-chairman of Stockwell Day's campaign for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance. He also served as National Co-Chair of the Canadian Alliance 2000 election campaign. Kenney has also served as the official opposition deputy house leader and has formerly been the critic for Canada-United States relations, national revenue, and finance.

He has also served as a volunteer director for several non-profit organizations. These include the Catholic Civil Rights League and the National Foundation for Family Research.

Kenney was one of the leading supporters in the Canadian House of Commons of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Hill Times has a feature story on him this week.

Hill Times


Jason Kenney is shrewd politically, but too right wing for me... good little bio though, nice to learn something here for once...

"FOR ONCE" ...!!! Buckdog is a veritable font of enlightenment and TRUTH!!! I bring cutting edge, progressive, spin free revelations to my readers on a NEAR DAILY BASIS! My humble, soft spoken approach to politics in Canada is unique and trustworthy!


Great response, just classic... I liked the "NEAR DAILY BASIS" by way of admission that sometimes you fall off the horse.

And your soft spoken, nuanced, and deferential opinions are appreciated. I like it how you hold back so much...

I am still coming out of my shell. With time, practice and experience, I believe that I will one day truly bloom into my full potential as a blogger.

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