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Sunday, December 31, 2006 

1 in 4 Americans Believe Jesus Will Return in 2007

Associated Press Poll - “One in four respondents, a full 25 percent, anticipates the second coming of Jesus Christ in 2007”

I know that I run the risk of offending millions of people with what I am going to say in this post. I don’t care. The fact that 1 in 4 Americans, a full 25% believe that in the year 2007, Jesus Christ will return to the earth in a ‘Second Coming’ with trumpets and angels singing IS ABSURD! - IT BORDERS ON THE RIDICULOUS!

Who are these 1 in 4 persons? Who are you? How can you be so completely and utterly IRRATIONAL?

No wonder that an idiot like George Bush is the president of the most powerful nation on earth! When a quarter of your population is certifiable, should we be surprised?

-AP Poll
-25% of US adults are pathologically insane
-Here is what 1 in 4 of your fellow citizens believe will happen in 2007.
-The ESSENTIAL MESSAGE of the Fundamentalists

Image courtesy www.eborg2.com

I'm sure He will come!

ETA: July 6th, 2007
Country of landing: USA
City: Crawdord, Texas

Come to think of it, that 25% consists probably of the same people who are still supporting the twig.

It's conceivable that Jesus is a year late for Bush's 60th birthday since the religious right always had trouble counting....

Oh dear, believe it. They're all over the place here, I'm surrounded.

Personally I do hope he shows up in '07, I'll be waiting with a loaded shotgun.

We are waiting on the '08 election to make a final decision on moving to CA...can't take much more of this.

Hehe...wonderful post! Great minds think alike (or at least troll the same news sites)!

It has to be something in the drinking water:


Happy New Year, leftdog.

HAHA, you found our Jesus couch! That was right here in NV, almost posted something about it but...was just too depressing.

Happy New Year to you Dr. Dawg! I LOVE Jesus's couch - isn't wonderful that he keeps sending us messages like that in grilled cheese sandwiches, on steamy windows and now on a couch! PTL!!!

The same people who can provide no evidence that Jesus every came the first time, believe he will return this year?

Colour me surprised...not.

If you accept idea that the Earth can be created in 6 days as it exists now, you can believe anything as ridiculous as this.

Oh, its going to fun in the blogshpere this year.

you betcha - Happy New Year Mike!

Yeah and these same idiots have saying the same thing since 2000. That year kind of pissed them off I think. Jesus didn't come back on time. Those fundie freaks are just keeping up the hope year after year so maybe (doubtful) they can say "see we told you he would come".
I am just ashamed that so many of my fellow citizens are so ignorant.


After that diatribe, you better prey to Jesus that he doesn't return, or you're the first on the list to be smoten.

I am ready willing and able to deal with the Second Coming - anytime and anywhere. Bring it on!

Jesus is real

NO!! ... Jesus is FRAUD!!! and if you push him as lord and saviour nonsense, then you are a FRAUD ARTIST!!

Use your God given brain! Stop believing nonsense and fairy tales!

Everyone has a right to be wrong. It just so happens Jesus will come and those left will just be left. Will it happen in '07?? Who can say for sure. Be ready an be watchful!

Anonymous ... do you know how 'mental' that belief is ... that 'Jesus' is going to come down on a cloud and kill most of humanity.

What started out as a gentle, love focused religion has been perverted by fundamentalists into a hateful, hurtful, vengeful, blood thirsty aberration.

Mental illness is required to believe in fundamentalist christianist beliefs. Mental!!

One question for Mr./ Mrs. Leftdog. As a young suckling, did ya belive in good ol Santa? It's not mental. That would require a brain which I do not have. In any case, if I am wrong, I have lived a life that leaves the world in a better place. IF your wrong, too late. Turn or Burn.

I believe that there is a higher consciousness then human consciousness. I believe that over the billions and billions of years that the universe has existed, many things beyond human comprehension has and is occuring.

But if you believe that ALL of creation was done to see if you would embrace or reject Jesus, then you have sanity problems.

If you believe that God created you and that your purpose to choose 'jesus'. then you hold primitive religious beliefs.

oh and by the way ... your comment .. "turn or BURN" - sounds like you believe in the 'hell' myth. To think that you will be in a place filled with fire 'down there' is VERY primitive.

Primitive people believed that there was a bad place underground with fire when they were exposed to lava and volcanic activity.

Sounds like you believe in Hell - you have primitive beliefs.

Use your God given brain and read something other then the bible.

Huh. 2010 and still no Jesus. What a shock.

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