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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

American Bloggers FURIOUS With Iraqi Escalation

President George Bush promised a different approach in Iraq.

That was a lie.

What he did was simply more of the same. More troops, more war, more innocent civilian deaths, more coffins coming home to the USA.

Political bloggers are up in arms and many are absolutely furious with Bush and Cheney.

Here is a little sample:

-F#&k You, Sir
-The Biggest "F#&k You" Of All
-Good Evening & fuck you my fellow Americans...
-Hardblogger : Deconstructing Bush's speech on the deconstruction of Iraq


As a non Canadian, I love to live here for the simple reason - you are so decent! Correct me if I am wrong, but the Canadian Parliamentary system would have put the stop to this sort of nonsense that is happening South of the border a long time ago. What the world expects of the Americans now is that they use their democracy to the fullest and stop this lunatic fringe doing more harm. Enough already!

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