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Sunday, January 21, 2007 

Harper Says 'I'm Green' - 6 Out Of 10 Disagree

The contrast in Tory policy from "so called green house gases" to "Look at me - I'm green" has left Canadians with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks.

These Conservative opportunists will say ANYTHING in an attempt to get re-elected.

60% Say Tories NOT Sincere

"These political opportunists will say ANYTHING in an attempt to get re-elected."

There I fixed it for you.

Pretty much all politicians will say anything to get elected. It is not something unique to the Conservatives.

I do agree that the Conservatives are not Sincere about being green

I think you are minimizing what the Conservatives are doing here. Up until the last few weeks, by and large the leadership and rank and file of that party have been poo pooing the facts around global warming.

Those who have been presenting the scientific facts have been ridiculed and mocked by this party.

Programs which recognize the reality of the current situation were cut in the first weeks of the Tories administration.

Then when their own polls showed the gravity of what the general public believes, we have seen the most unprecedented flip flop and reversal of policy in the recent decades.

I disagree with your correction because unintentionally I believe that you are taking a bunch of the shit that appropriately hangs on the Conservatives and you want to spread it on all other 'politicians'.

No I am erasing your fix and restating my original statement.

Well, it's not like those old programs were being USED by anyone. They were just languishing there in the scrap heap of ideas. But with a bit of filing off of serial numbers and a slight reworking of numbers, it's *recycling* in the finest sense of the word!

Imagine how low their numbers would have gone if they'd had to start from scratch. This way they've saved valuable time and it *is* a Made In Canada solution. They even helpfully rejigged a few numbers to throw off copyright arguments.

But, really, doesn't this separate Harper from White House policies? It's not like he's staying the course despite public disapproval. Looks like a minority government is working out about the way the public likes it. Not sure what that says about the next election. Would Harper be unhappy with another Conservative minority government?

Hiya Leftdog. I ran across you at Women's place, and have my own political blog primarily about US politics. There I recently posted an article about Harper being a 'Bush clone'. I can claim no expertise on Canada, but if that article was correct and your Conservatives are of the same ilk as our neocon/theocon Republicans, I would also side with your original statement. I'm glad I found a place where I can keep up with issues on your side of the border.

Tomcat - you are always welcome here!

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