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Friday, January 19, 2007 

Some Liberals Are Thin Skinned Over Bourque

I like Pierre Bourque. Lots. His news agreggator is bookmarked on my computer and I visit the site a number of times daily. For a news junkie, Bourque is the 'fact fix' that gets you through the morning, then the afternoon, then the evening. He brings cutting edge and breaking news forward 365 days a year - I noted updates even on Christmas Day.

Mr. Bourque has roots in the Liberal Party. He ran for Parliament in the 1993 Canadian election as a Liberal candidate in the Montreal riding of Rosemont.

Those of us who follow Bourque get to see a glimmer of what he is thinking by the headlines he gives to stories on his aggregator.

Like most Canadians, I believe that Mr. Bourque was caught off guard by the scope and depth of the Liberal Adscam scandal. For someone who has been a dedicated Liberal, Adscam must have been an unfortunate eye opener.

Some Liberals, however, have turned a blind eye to the whole nasty affair and continued on as if nothing happened. That does NOT appear to be the case with Pierre and you can detect just a hint of that in his choice of headlines. The Liberal Party of Canada is not getting a free ride from Bourque, and that is as it should be.

The clicker here is the way that some Liberals have now decided to mount a campaign of criticism against Mr. Bourque. Some of their language is nasty and a bit over the top.

This thin skinned approach demonstrates exactly the point I believe Pierre is trying to make to Liberals. 'You do NOT have a divine right to govern this nation!' If you want to have the trust of Canadians then you must earn that trust and you must keep that trust. Period!

I applaude Pierre Bourqe. I have no time for Libs who are trying to portray him as having gone 'tory'. I highly doubt that.

Bravo Pierre. Keep doing what you are doing.

My problem is that people are mad at him like he's supposed to have a site like CTV.ca or CBC.ca!

He's a private citizen. I can start my own site and post headlines that aren't necessarily all that flattering and even make money from it.

Just like I don't go to Foxnews.com to get my fill of balanced news about Bush. Bourque does not have an obligation to anyone to be fair and balanced so who cares if he's bias in some aspects.

He's not CTV, Global, CBC, etc!

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