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Thursday, February 08, 2007 

Canada's Nuclear Safety Commission Website Hacked

Oh this is just great!!

Someone hacked into the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's website and inserted photographs of a nuclear explosion — spurring the agency to call in the RCMP.

According to a report in Thursday's Ottawa Citizen, the commission's current and archived news releases were renamed "security breaches" and contained a photo of a mushroom cloud.



I like how you (or someone) added this to the "Conservative Party: Criticism" section of CBEx. Surely this is Stephen Harper's fault... somehow or another.

Government of Canada. 'The buck stops here'. - Everything related to the Federal government, the Harper crew is ultimately responsible for.

Canada's 'new' government has to make things hum and purr .... they wanted to be the managers of the nation.

"Nipping Right-Wing Butt Across This Great Nation"

What about in cases where the right-wing is right? Or are they never right?

You're kind of pigeon-holing yourself with that mandate, no?

I find right wing thinking to be primative, self centred, reactionary, unchristian, vile, ignorant, nasty, and without creativity, compassion, and facts.

Right wing governments attrack used car salesmen, flim flamers, scheisters, hoodwinkers, and other general riff raff.

I live in a province where the last Conservative government we had saw 16 Tory Members of the Legislative Assembly convicted in court of Fraud and Breach of trust.

Those things that benefit Canadians such as Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan were developed and implemented IN SPITE OF RIGHT WING THINKING.

I think that right wingers will rot in hell. I think they should piss off.

Dawg, I can't speak about the Canadian right wing, as a US citizen, but if yours is like ours, aren't you being overly kind in your description?

I know I know ... I am often accused of being a 'bleeding heart lefty' - I know I am way too easy on Conservatives and Republicians. Just call me 'softy'.

A refreshingly clear and candid answer! Thanks.

Your welcome.

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