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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

I Need A Liberal To Beat Up On Michael Coren - Toronto Sun Resident Wingnut

Generally I have no hesitation taking on the verbal nonsense of the Toronto Sun's extreme right wing columnist, Michael Coren.

In this weeks article, he is dissing Stephan Dion in a manner that even I as a dipper am finding quite offensive.

Is there a Liberal blogger out there who can pick this one up and go give Mr. Coren a royal Canadian kick in the pants??

Michael Coren's Nonsense

he only speaks the truth dog. English politicians are always judged in Quebec on the strength of their French...why cant the same be done for french canasian politicans. His english really is grotesque.

phill .... what the hell is a 'french canasian'???

So Dion's english isn't perfect - neither's my french. Get over it. I find Dion perfectly comprehensible when he speaks.

Coren's doing little more than demonstrating that he's your basic small-minded, slightly racist bigot. (Not that he hasn't proven that before!)


That's okay phill - this might just prove that both english and french need to lighten up and simply appreciate it when someone is giving another language their best shot.

Dion is a liberal....The liberals of the last 13 years literally frauded our government out of more then A BILLION dollars and got us mixed up in a war "even after they hobbled our army/airforce/navy"...

And again Dion wants to reinstate some of the guilty parties who orchistrated the theft.

The liberals would rather dump hundreds of thousands of 3 rd worlders into our country then give that resettlement/education money to help and EDUCATE our own citicens and Aborigional Natives "which let me say could use it"

And they introduce laws which deny our right to question these policys calling such questions reflections of HATE"

Not to mention the multiple double digit raises per year....every year for the bloody 13 years they were in power.

The N.D.P is worrysome with its policys of mass immigration, while denying any of the educational/government hand ups to the native and majority euro populations of this land, creating a feeling of alienation to the working class MAJORITY"

Who let me say have BUILT OUR NATION" Not one foreigner should have access to services DENIED to our present citicens PERIOD..

The conservatives also are not innocent as they pander to the Israelis and deny the 40 + years of genocide thats has been goin on there.

But because I MUST support my country and her population 1st,

Thus I must stand behind the Conservatives,

Seems all to often the leftist partys want to turn our land into some sort of poligot reformatory,

And ANYONE who tries to stand in their way is slandered openly with the FAR TO OFTEN USED moniker of bigot or racist.


Pardon for the long post but I must give support where support is due!

I do not want my land to go to hell like the U.S.A

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