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Monday, March 12, 2007 

Evangelicals Condemn Torture

President Bush might want to sit up in his chair and pay attention to Evangelicals on this one (he already listens to them on every other major issue):

"The National Association of Evangelicals has endorsed an anti-torture statement saying the United States has crossed 'boundaries of what is legally and morally permissible' in its treatment of detainees and war prisoners in the fight against terror."

Evangelicals find torture unacceptable

The reason that George W. better sit up and listen is because his name has been directly tied to executive orders to use torture to extract information as required in the 'War Against Terror':

"Dec. 21, 2004 – Repeated references in an internal FBI email suggest that the president issued a special order to permit some of the more objectionable torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib and other US-run prison facilities around Iraq. The email was among a new batch of FBI documents revealed by civil rights advocates on Monday. Other documents describe the initiation of investigations into alleged incidents of torture and rape at detention facilities in Iraq."

Bush Implicated in Torture Orders*

* h/t to Politics Plus


One can only hope that this leads to the US taking the appropriate action with regards to the issue of torture. I think this is also the apropriate time to remind Canadians about our own international obligations re: torture.

Our two countries are not exactly as angelic as we like to think some times.

At last... Evangelicals will now join the ever-expanding ranks of those Dubya blows off...


Not all evangelicals supported him in the first place. There is a sizable population of evangelicals which do not associate themselves with all the usual suspects, because they do not believe that Bush can or should speak for them or for God.

As a Canadian evangelical, I am glad that the NAE has grown some balls, however small they may be, and stood up to Mr. Bush.

True... not all Evangelicals support Bush... unfortunately it's the ones with the deep pockets and the loudest voices...


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