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Sunday, March 04, 2007 

Right Wing Bloggers Defend Coulter By Attacking Bill Maher

Today, we get a rare opportunity to watch how American right wing bloggers can circle their wagons and in a coordinated effort work towards a defensive deflection of attacks on one of their own. The right winger under attack is Ann Coulter whose offensive remarks towards Edwards are still reverberating around the country.

Starting late yesterday, right wing blog sites commenced a systematic attack on American pundit, Bill Maher who they now claim, is bemoaning the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney WAS NOT killed by extremists in Iraq earlier this week.



Isn't distraction through attack a staple of the right? Of course Keith did no such thing.

Errrrm . . . Keith?

A minor clarification.

I am contending that the left holds a double standard when people like Maher, or Rosie, or Al Franken or others say outrageous things and they don't care nor do they spoeak against it, but anything moderately vitriolic from Coulter is hailed as proof that all conservatives are rabid homophibic intolerant bigots, despite the fact that Ann gets a load of condemnation on the right.

The right is happy to condemn their own, when will the left? Arianna closing and editing those blog comments is a rare example of the left holding a standard of civility.

As for Maher, no he did not call for Cheney's assassination, nor did I say he did. He did however point out there was a clear cost benefit in human lives if Cheney was dead, something that I consider to patently ridiculous.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding conservatives, great and small, who disavowed Coulter's comment AND deplored Maher's deracinated idiocy. It's easier than patting your head and rubbing your tummy. It's not like we're a monolith over here or anything.

I don't follow either of those two, they both annoy me but it was kind of difficult to miss the news about this dust-up.

My take is they are both jerks but that isn't news, both of them have been obvious jerks for years.

Coulter's remark made no sense whatsoever, it was just juvenile and hateful as she is. Maher's remarks simply confirm he is a hateful jerk, no surprise. Sad truth is: there was at least some truth to his remark.

Minus Dick Cheney it IS likely there would be fewer people dying (though I manage to stop short of wishing for him to be blown up I can't honestly say I'd feel much grief)and much as I don't care for Edwards, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest he is gay nor would it be of any relevance whatsoever if he were.

Much ado about nothing, two jerks, one a little smarter than the other.

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