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Thursday, March 01, 2007 

Someone Should Stick A Cork In General Hillier's Mouth

Enough is enough. Canada's top military leader simply cannot resist talking to the media and playing politics.

It is almost becoming a national embarrassment for this top soldier to be flapping his lips, making accusations and playing politics when Canadians have NO ability to shut him up.

See, if he were an elected individual, I could work tirelessly to help defeat him in the next election. But with a military official, I do not have access to the democratic tools necessary to stick a cork in his mouth.

General Hillier ...... do your job ..... and SHUT UP!

Stephen Harper .... get your general under control .... or FIRE HIM!

National Post


Umm, LD, You do realize that it is unlikely that Harper is going to do anything to stop Hillier from speaking the out, right? That would be suicide politically for two reasons.

1) Canadians believe Hillier. Then, now, and in the future he will always be thought of as a straight shooter. You can pull all your hair out, bang your chest in frustration, or just short-cut to the head exploding part, but that isn't going to change a thing. Canadians trust Hillier with their sons and daughters. So sorry.

2) If the PM shut Hillier down it would only reinforce the "Harper muzzles ..." façade that you and yours have been trying to pass.

Now, on a more personal note, I'm all in favour of Hillier . . . especially when it seems to upset you so much.

Oh, one other thing, learn who Hillier's boss is.


Oh boy, do I ever agree with you!

People do not seem to see the problem with active military leaders entering politics as Hillier has done.

I believe that he should be fired. Believe me, were the Liberals in power and a general were to start mouthing off about the Conservatives, the latter would be howling for his head. (This slightly hypothetical, of course, given that Conservatives and the military are ideologically consanguineous.)

It's an issue of principle. The military are NOT our leaders. Hillier is setting a very dangerous precedent.

lance - on a technical level I don't care if his 'boss' is the PM or 'Her Excellency' - it is NOT his place to be talking in public as he is doing.

Harper should have the Minister of Defense call Hillier in and behind closed doors tell him to knock it off!

Hillier has NOT been honest with Canadians and as a Tory I understand that you are perfectly alright with that.

-Gen Hillier Insists Canadians Support Afghan War
-Stop Misinformation About Afghanistan

So, in November, when LD posted this, wasn't that the precendent Dawg?

Or mayber it was all the Generals in the Pentagon last week regarding Iran? Wasn't that the precendent?

Just which "active military leaders entering politics" did you mean exactly?


I've been talking here about Canadian General Hillier - you are talking about some American generals - apples and oranges don't you think?

You must have REALLY LOVED General Augusto Pinochet 'eh? Right up your tory alley wasn't he?

Hillier's being overly theatrical. Decade of darkness? Sheesh, he's entitled to a slip of hyperbole now and then, but saying something past "decade of cutbacks" is clearly playing tory hack.

If he's anything light right-wing warmongers in the US, you'll need two corks. If you just cork one end, the other starts talking.

VERY GOOD POINT! (Because it is crap no matter what end it comes from!!!)

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