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Friday, April 06, 2007 

Afghan President Meets Regularly With Taliban For 'A Long Time'

"We have had representatives from the Taliban meeting with different bodies of the Afghan government for a long time," Karzai told a news conference. "I have had some Taliban coming to speak to me as well."
Afghan President Hamid Karzai

So will Stephen Harper now start referring to the President of Afghanistan as 'Taliban Karzai'? If he won't, why not? That is what the mean spirited Tories were calling Jack Layton for merely suggesting that we may have to talk with the Taliban.

It is time for Canadians to ask Mr. Harper a very direct and pertinent question. Exactly what are Canadians fighting for in Afghanistan, sir?



Heh. The same thing crossed my mind as well.

If the two sides are talking, one has to ask the following question - is a ceasefire possible so that:
a) the killing stops
b) true reconstruction can occur

What the hell is going on with this?

From what I have heard, it seems that in some parts of the country the Taliban are not the bad guys opressing the local population, but rather the Taliban ARE the local population. If this is the case then we have no hope of achieving anything unless there is a dialogue between both sides.

You guys are forgetting something. Harper needs Bush's approval to do anything and Bush wants him to keep fighting in Afghanistan.

And while the Afghan government that Stephen Harper supports is talking to the Taliban - 6 Canadians were killed there today - Easter Sunday.

Our involvement there should end!

You guys have no sniff as to what is going on.

It is easy for leftdog to sit in their easy chair and spout crap about Canada's involvement in Afganastan.

What leftdog is missing is the fact that everything will be cool UNTIL he and his family gets attacked in their own home and country. Then leftdog will be crying, whining and whimpering in his own feces and urine. It will be up to people like myself to pull his sorry carcass out of his humble abode to safety before I engage in the enemy.

Personally, the war should not be fought in Canada. Inaction on our part will ensure that the Taliban comes to Canada and begins covert operations on our country. If you love this country and everything it stands for leftdog, you would support the fight in Afganastan, 'cause I know you don't have the guts to defend yourself when the shit is hitting the fan in Canada.

So leftdog, let's ask the real question...what happens when the enemy is here on our soil?? What do you do.......

When do you expect the Taliban to invade Canada?

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