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Saturday, April 14, 2007 

Is It Time To Get Out Of Afghanistan?

Thomas Walkom has a good article on Canada's future in Afghanistan in the Toronto Star today. Here is an excerpt:

"First, we are losing. This is not a popular thing to say. Nor is it a reflection on the skill and bravery of Canadian and other allied troops. But it is a hard fact that has to be faced.

The Taliban don't have to beat NATO to win. All they have to do is stay in the game, which is what they are doing.

But for NATO, a military victory requires much more. It requires that the insurgency be crushed. For a variety of reasons – including the fact that to many in Afghanistan's south, the Taliban are the home team – that is not happening. This is the fearful asymmetry of guerrilla warfare.

We might be able to succeed militarily if we stayed in Afghanistan indefinitely and were willing to accept hundreds of additional Canadian casualties. But we are not. Every death, every televised commemoration ceremony, further erodes public support for a war that was never widely popular.

This is the second reason why this war cannot be sustained. Support at home is limited and dwindling.
When Canadian officers refer to this war as one that will take generations to win – as did Task Force Afghanistan's deputy commander Col. Mike Cessford this week – the country viscerally recoils in horror."

The Star

Buckdog, Mr. Walkem is right on with this article. Canadian troops should not be in Afghanistan fighting a war that cannot be won. I posted on a similar subject this morning at Jamonation - Stephen Harper: Canada's War Prime Minister. Keep up the good work, eh!

Thanks Rolf. This isn't a popular position with a lot of people, but those who think we can 'win' in Afghanistan are not facaing facts.

The old Soviet Union had hundreds of thousands of troops in Afghanistan for years. They LOST!

How anyone thinks that a few thousand NATO troops can 'win' are completely out of touch with reality.

Walkom calls the Taliban the 'home team' in parts of the country. He is dead on with that assessment.


The Soviets did lose many, many troops in Afganastan. Were those troops conscripts or volunteers?

Do you know the story of Kapyong, leftdog? Most likely you don't. Great story of Canadian Troops fending off the Red Chinease army that lead to the end of the Korean War.

In my past dealings with conscripts (British and German NATO troops) they tended to be 'slack and idle' soldiers. The conscripts don't want to be there, don't care and quite frankly just want to get the hell out of there.

Canada has been well known to kick royal ass when required and we are continuing this mission.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, do you want to fight this war on your doorstep or would you rather the battle be fought elsewhere?? If the fight were to come to Canadian soil, would you fight for this country?? Do you enjoy your wealthy standard of living in Canada? Where do you stand leftdog?

This war can and will be won by non conscript, Canadian troops.

BTW, there must have been nothing in Toronto to report for the Star to have a person write that article.

I think you should perhaps put your money where your views are and head down to a Canadian Armed Forces recruiting centre.

Do that, let me know, and I will endeavor to do a multi series of posts on your adventures in Afghanistan.

I look forward to the opportunity of working closely with you, keeping folks here appraised of where you are stationed and fighting.

I have had 3 surgeries on one of my knees (old hockey injury) so I am excluded for medical reasons.

Let me know when you sign up and I will commence the series!

Would you be interested in syndicating that series, leftdog?
Coz I'd be more than willing to carry it too.

ABSOLUTELY! if the lord high commish signs up with the Canadian Armed Forces I will start a weekly series documenting his entire experience. Right from the physical exam, issuing of uniform, basic training, trip to Afghanistan, Tim Hortons breaks, assignment in the field, right up to his return home.

It would be great - a real milestone in blogging.

Dog, it seems that LHC is either a military man, or a former serviceman...hence his comment regarding...my past dealings...perhaps he served in the cold war in germany

As usual, Mr Walkem, writing from home, safe in his parlour, misses the mark, and the left celebrates. I am sorry, but we are not losing this thing, in point of fact, considering that I feel pretty secure in downtown Kandahar City now, I would suggest we are winning.

The Taliban, and other insurgent groups are not the friends of the Afghan people, and the Afghan people know this.

Abandoning the Afgan people now would be tantamount to a crime against humanity for all the blood that would be spilt afterwards. Some folks here really need to pick up on their Central Asian history, or at least make a vague attempt at it.

Thanks Jeff! Take care of yourself over there, okay? We want to get you home safe and sound!

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