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Thursday, April 12, 2007 

Liberals And Green's Are Getting Pretty Cozy

Wow! Talk about a cozy relationship ... is there more going on here then the fact that the Liberals are NOT going to run a candidate against the Green Party Leader in Central Nova? Where I come from, when two individuals are seen smooching and necking and holding hands, you have to wonder if something more isn't on the horizon.

Are we looking at a merger of two Canadian political parties? Are the Liberals courting the Greens or are the Greens courting the Liberals? Who gets to wear the wedding dress - Elizabeth May or Stephane Dion?

Let's look at the facts. The Green Party of Canada seems to want to have Leaders with a right wing bent. Jim Harris, the former leader, had been a Progressive Conservative and it is pretty hard to make a true 'progressive' out of someone who is a conservative.

Elizabeth May has been far too cozy with the Mulroney crowd and I have a hard time picturing her as a true progressive as well. Her 'anti-choice' position is also a bit uncomfortable for a 'progressive.'

Meanwhile, those of us who cautioned the Liberals that they were going to have a very HARD time selling Dion have been proven correct by poll after poll.

So what are we witnessing here? A desperate Dion trying to find something that is relevant to Canadians? Is May showing her true political colours? She is no social democrat, that's for sure.

If a political marriage is around the corner, I predict dire consequences for both of these parties. But as a New Democrat .... oh well. I simply can't see Canadians embracing the Green Liberal Party of Canada.


Great, this will guarantee a surge in Tory support in Ontario... Down here where people work for a living and industry is king you won't see to many people willing to sell out their economy for a bunch of Greens.

yes yes everything is good for the Cons bad for Libs.

I want to say this for long time, simply to annoy the Cons.

Here I go....

Dion is playing chess while Harper is playing checkers.

personally, I seen this as good for the NDP.

Agreed! If we are ONLY talking about Central Nova, well no big deal - but IF this is something more between the Libs & Greens .... well it reeks of desperation and it could bite Dion in the ass quite badly.

Anon, wanting to say it just to annoy the Tories? Personally, I'd want to say something it if it was true, not just to annoy people, you could do that anytime.

Fortunately for both the Dippers and the Tories, it's the former, not the latter.


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