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Sunday, April 08, 2007 

Still No Majority In Sight For Conservatives: POLL

After more then a year of minority status in the House of Commons and two budgets, the prospect of a majority government is still eluding Stephen Harper and his not so new government.

An SES Research poll completed on April 5th shows the current pulse read of Canadians at:
Conservatives 36%
Liberals 33%
New Democrats 16%
Bloc Quebecois 10%

Canadians, by and large, have not been fooled by Stephen Harper's rhetoric and shell game budget tactics.

Broken promises on Equalization and Income Trusts have hurt the Conservatives and even thought they are putting a brave face on these issues, Canadians will not be fooled by these political tricksters.

I've had enough of Stephen Harper, how about you?


Buckdog....check the Decima Research numbers....Conservative 39%....Liberals....30%. You could at least try to be objective.

Mooner in Coaldale .. the Decima poll was from a smaller sample and is older. You could at least try to be objective.

What's with all of your Alberta Conservative government MLA's ripping off the taxpayers - wasssup with that??????

Probably the single most tasty fact to come out of that poll is the following:

Quebec (N=244, MoE ±6.4, 19 times out of 20) *
BQ – 37% (-2)
Conservative Party – 28% (+8)
Liberal – 18% (-9)
NDP – 13% (+5)
Green Party – 4% (-2)

This comes from http://www.nikonthenumbers.com/viewer/index/42

Actually, I'm looking at the sample size here and I'm a bit concerned that it's really small. Less than half the size it should be.

A lot of people are saying that it's a really reliable source, but with a sample size like that, I'm not really as convinced about the numbers I quoted above.

thanks for the analysis Josh.

SES is the only company that I really trust. They had the closest prediction to the actual Election results. I can't trust Decima since they produces a poll every other week.

This is good news for Progressives, however, bad news for Greens.

I'm in market research, and while a larger sample size is better, the design of the survey for neutrality and the demographic accuracy are more important.

The more you see of Harper, the less you like him!

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