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Thursday, June 14, 2007 

American Military Now Arming Iraqi Sunni Factions

Okay. Just when you thought that Bush's strategy in Iraq was completely flawed, we now learn that it is completely insane.

The New York Times reports that the U.S. military has undertaken a risky plan to arm Sunni factions with ammunition and cash to exploit a growing wedge between homegrown ex-Baathists and foreign Islamists. In exchange, the Sunnis have agreed to furnish U.S. officers with intelligence (i.e. the locations of roadside bombs).

Oh good. Let's arm one of the factions in the unofficial Iraqi civil war.

Can American foreign policy get any more bizarre? I hate to ask!

-New York Times
-The Chronicle
-Fort Wayne.com

And with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek, here is Jon Stewart's take on the new stratgy - from Comedy Central (you have to endure a 10 second commercial before the segment plays).
Jon Stewart feature on 'Our Enemy's Enemy Is Our Friend'

Stewart nailed it as usual. You'd think we'd have learned from previous experience with this "strategy". Like when we trained and armed the mujahadeen.

Agreed! Also reminiscent of when the Republicans armed Saddam Hussein to fight the Iranians. It just goes on and on and on ...

I wonder if Osama will be at the head on one of the lines. He likes US money, like the $300 million he got from the CIA to help form Al Qaeda for the purpose of committing terrorist acts against the USSR.

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