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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

Majority Of Republicans Believe In Creationism

More Americans accept the theory of creationism than evolution

Sometimes I feel like I am living in the Middle Ages. Actually I am surprised that there is not a move afoot to start detecting and burning witches.

This is the 21st Century with the highest level of education and technology that our species has EVER known. And yet, in the USA and Canada, where we have the most access to the resources of the planet, the majority of people are living there lives in what can only be described as MENTAL FUCKING ILLNESS!!!

Depressing isn't it? Don't bet on the witch hunts not trying to make a comeback...I had an interesting experience a few years back with a co-worker harassing me and calling me a "witch" and "devil worshipper" after overhearing that my children read Harry Potter.

My son (who is retarded for moving there in the 1st place) lives in Tennessee where he lies about his religious belief in order to keep his job.

nymama, does it not seem to be getting steadily worse, rather then better to you? It feels that way to me.

Not so sure about that. This is not a new problem, it was a terrible and insidious problem back when I was a kid/teen but...I think it reached crises level which is why it's getting so much press now.

It seems worse on the surface because it's finally being exposed in the media. It was ignored for too long which is how it got this bad. Also the increasing social problems we have in the US (ie: poverty levels, lack of health care, skyrocketing homicide rates, etc.) causes many people to seek refuge in religiousity for lack of ability to cope with more complex reality-based solutions.

Get better leaders and start working on some of these issues and you'll see a marked decrease in this type of insane extremism.

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