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Friday, July 13, 2007 

PROOF: Department of National Defence Monitored Canadian Anti - War Advocate! Who Else Are They Spying On?

"OTTAWA - Military officials kept an eye on an outspoken opponent of the Afghanistan war last year but in a report produced about the Ottawa man's public comments they determined support for the mission was still high and his criticism does "not seem to resonate" with the public and media. Defence department officials originally denied the documents, requested by the Ottawa Citizen under the Access to Information Act, even existed. But an investigation by the Information Commissioner revealed the e-mails and a report on the activities of left-wing defence analyst Steve Staples had indeed been compiled by the military."
David Pugliese
CanWest News Service
July 13, 2007
National Post

So - in the free and democratic nation of Canada, governed by the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper, if you are opposed to the War in Afghanistan, you may have the Department of National Defence spying on you! Isn't that bloody lovely!!

But deep down, am I surprised? Not really. Right wing political parties and their govenments are all about authoritarianism. They are all about forcing their will as much as possible on their fellow citizens.

They would be doing far more of it if they could.

Shame on Stephen Harper and his Government and his Party and all of the other right wingers who support him. Your days in power are numbered!!

National Post

Right wing political parties and their govenments are all about authoritarianism.

In fairness, there are moderate right-wing parties that do not represent semi-totalitarian approaches to power.

Sadly, the HarperCon$ are cut from the same cloth as BushCo - and they are of the "if we don't like you, you have no rights" crowd.

You are talking about the "new"government of Harper. Let's get back to the good old days.

Nothing like rejecting the "new".
Remember "new" Coke? And how long did that last and how happy were people to see it go?

Same with Harpo. Good riddance to bad baggage.

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