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Saturday, August 18, 2007 

Canadian Medical Association Is WRONG On Need For Private Sector Competition In Medicare

The Canadian Medical Association recently recommended that private sector competition be introduced into Canada's public Medicare system. Challenging the CMA is Arnold S. Rahlman, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and former Editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Here is an excerpt from his op-ed titled: 'What Canadians should learn from the U.S. health care disaster.'

"Policy-makers need only look to the United States for the evidence such claims have no merit. The U.S. experience shows that private, for-profit medical insurance and investor-owned medical facilities are a bad deal for the public, and that a health-care system that encourages physicians to behave like private entrepreneurs leads to extravagant costs."

Globe and Mail

Looks like the capitalist pigs in Canada are looking at all that health care money trying to find a way to skim some off for themselves.

It's really one of the most craven ways to make money, next to war, to profit off the sickenss of human beings.

I don't understand why anyone would think profits should be associated with healthcare.

Seems to me that the number one priority should be to help people.

Here in the States, it's clear after seeing Michael Moore's movie that the priority of our HMO's is not to heal people but to deny claims and improve the bottom line.

Doctors who comply get promoted. The more denials, the more bonuses.

I sincerely hope that you in Canada don't go down the dark road America is on.

Polishifter, as an American, I wish every Canadian could hear what you have to say on this topic. In the Canadian blogosphere, we are fighting constantly against those who want to turn health care into a 'commodity'. Your perspective adds a lot to our debate.

Recent experiences in the health care system have led me to think that I was more a commodity rather than a patient and that getting me through the door was more important than the quality of my care.
I'm a human not a commodity.

My father was a GP and delivered more than 6000 children into this world, many of them before medicare. Dad made house calls. He called his ill patient's family at least 3 or 4 times a day.
Some of his patients worked at the GoodYear tire plant in New Toronto and I once accidentally opened an envelope from a patient who was laid off and worried about the medical bills. [This letter was before universal medicare]. I don't know what happened in that situation. I'm certain there was enough goodness in his heart to see that nobody would go without.
There would always be a better day soon.
Health care has changed so greatly during the last couple of decades partially due to Reaganism and Harris in Ontario.

Today, it seems to be "take a number and wait your turn".
Dad would not be pleased.

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