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Monday, August 20, 2007 

Financial Post Does Feature Interview With Premier Lorne Calvert

"Lorne Calvert, the New Democratic Premier of Saskatchewan, is running a province that is flourishing largely because of its natural resources. After years of declining population and a struggling economy, Saskatchewan is attracting new residents and is on the verge of becoming a "have" province. The Financial Post's Carrie Tait sat down with Mr. Calvert -- ordained as a United Church minister and wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders' golf shirt -- on the back deck of his Saskatoon home to ask him about his plans for the booming province."
Carrie Tait, Financial Post
Monday, August 20, 2007

Financial Post

. . . and is on the verge of becoming a "have" province . . .
Saskatchewan has been a have province in many ways for so long. The dustbowl '30s image still persists in the minds of some people including a correspondent for a newspaper.
Carrie should have done some homework before the interview.
Don't they teach history anymore?
Don't get me started.

For us living in Saskatchewan, one of our biggest problems in terms of 'image' is the inevitable comparision with Alberta.

I agree with you totally David!

Bottom line, Saskatchewan is a have province financially (much to the dismay of many Albertans and Manitobans). As the natural resources continue to fuel the province economically, Saskatchewan needs a government which will reduce expenditure and begin to save for the future. I'm sorry to say, but Alberta should be Saskatchewan's model. Not in every way, but in some ways - the heritage fund being #1.

Number two being taxes and drawing investment into the province from the service sector. Then there's the whole infrastructure thing that is desperately needed in Regina (roads being top priority).

I'd love for Saskatchewan to mimic Alberta in their ways to invest stabilize the province financially but at the same time learn from our mistakes of over-privatization and rapid economic growth

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