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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 

Premier Calvert Pushes Premiers For E85 Highway

Saskatchewan's Premier Lorne Calvert is trying to sell the other Premiers on the idea that there should be a sequence of stations across the country where 85 per cent ethanol blended with gasoline is available to motorists.

-CBC has details .....
-Even More CBC

Who are the average people who can buy these new Chevy Impalas that take 85E. I am sticking with my 2003 Inpala, for quite awile.Can't afford a new one.

Whooee! Ethanol is good fer grain farmers. It ain't any better fer ol' Mother Earth than oil. Estimates vary but it is agreed that to produce a litre of ethanol requires between 0.8 and 1.25 litres of petrofuel. I can understand a prairie premier pushin' fer more grain-based fuel but this is not a "green" solution.

The Merkan commodities lobby (ADM, Monsanto, DeKalb, etc.) have managed to bamboozle the US gummint and, it seems, Calvert.

Ethanol is a blind alley. Bio-diesel holds far more promise.


same shit, new profiteers.

Look... Ethanol is pure insanity. The supply chain for Ethanol is not stable and the first drought that hits and fuel companies will not use Ethanol ever again. (pick any year you chose and it only takes just one year of drought).

Moreover, anyone who thinks making fuel out of food is a good idea is looking at the world through truly rose colored glasses.

I would urge everyone to raise their awareness of their general resistance to people who "sell snakeoil" ... this Ethanol garbage and its promotion is nothing more than Calvert, Brad Wall, and several business locusts trying to sell the latest brand of snakeoil updated for the 21st Century ... the new motto should be...

** ETHANOL - SNAKEOIL of the 21ST Century **

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