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Thursday, August 09, 2007 

Should Canadians Look To Premiers For Environmental Leadership?

Canada's provincial and territorial Premiers are meeting as the annual 'Council of the Federation' in New Brunswick.

Expected to be high on the agenda for discussion is the topic of climate change and achievable measures that can be implemented to address the issue.

Let's face it, we have an ideological Prime Minister who is on record referring to 'so called' global warming! Harper and his Conservatives don't even believe that the earth is dealing with climate change! To cope with the concerns of Canadians, they are fooling around with a bit of political fluff and window dressing in an attempt to convince Canadians that they are taking action.

So while we haven't seen any realistic measures by our Federal government, is it unrealistic for Canadians to look to their Premiers for tangible options and action?


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It looks as though the Premiers are our only hope for the moment. Stephen is going around the Arctic making some re-announcements.

I just wonder if Harper stayed away from the conference or if he wasn't invited. By the way things are going, I rather think the latter

Doughboy is making the re-announcements and O'Connor is exactly where? Packing his bags, perhaps?

Whooee! O' course, we gotta look to the premiers. Who else is there? Harper ain't the least bit interested in anything that has the teensiest chance of threatening the obscene profits of his oilpatch buddyboys.

We ain't Merkans an' our premiers ain't exactly like Merkan state gumners but I reckon ol' Arnie Schwartzenegger is a good example of a regional leader takin' action when the federal leader's a dumbass.

It ain't just premiers we oughta be lookin' to. Our municipal gummints can get green, too. Also, counties, school boards, churches, service clubs, legion halls... you name it.

If we put all the responsibility on Harper and he don't do squat, it makes it dang easy fer us to say we're off the hook, we tried but Harp wouldn't act. That's a copout and we all need to do all we can.


Great - I have to look to Stelmach for leadership on environmental issues???

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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