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Thursday, September 27, 2007 

Conservatives Say 'Ooops' On Day Care Promise

During the last Federal election, the Conservatives promised to create 125,000 new day care spaces in the nation. Monte Solberg now officially says "Oops! - no can do!"

Never mind that Stephen Harper has a $10 Billion surplus of our tax dollars ... which he is going to give to the banks to 'pay down debt.'

At the time that Harper made the promise for 125,000 new child care spaces, many Canadians were skeptical. Deep down, right wingers believe that child care should be provided in the home by a parent who does not work outside of the home.

When it comes to Conservatives, they simply say whatever they have to to win votes.

Shame on Canada's not so great Government!

Canadian Press

the "it's a provincial matter" excuse doesn't work. Stevie knew this when he made the promise, and the Libs had an agreement with provinces to provide daycare spots. This fundamentalist government just doesn't give a damn about women, or kids, for that matter. Now if kids could vote...


wow. pretty far off the mark there.

Yet another broken promise and another good reason for an election sooner rather than later.

BTW, shouldn't at least half the federal surplus have been used to benefit all Canadians in some ways?

So, who wants to leave the country better of than when he found it? Not Harper, that's for sure.


That's $14 billion not $10 billion.

Also remember what Harper said today:

"We were very critical of budget estimates that we thought were flagrantly untrue, deliberately underestimated," he said.

"That's not been the case with this government. We have worked carefully to produce the best estimates possible."


When the Liberals do it, they are horrible liars. When Conservatives do it, well they did their best, after all, this stuff is hard!

Harper and the Conservatives are lying hypocrites.

"When it comes to Conservatives, they simply say whatever they have to to win votes."

same can be said about Liberal governments too.

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