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Wednesday, September 05, 2007 

Saskatchewan's Official Opposition are Right Wing Extremists. Period!

As Saskatchewan prepares for the next provincial election, it is important to expose the extreme right wing ideology of the Official Opposition, Saskatchewan Party. Their words come from a politically illiterate concept of history and reality:

"Well, Madam Deputy Speaker, it’s clearly obvious to me that the communistic policies of the NDP are really what’s creating this."
- Sask Party MLA Yogi Huyghebaert: March 17, 2006

"Tommy the commie set our province backwards 50 years"
- Sask Party MLA Jason Dearborn: April 1, 2003

"I would even go back to as far as originally starting even with a little bit of communism even starting in, when they started with that old CCF [Co-operative Commonwealth Federation], and then they kind of smooth it over. But they were still heavy socialists at that end of it."
- Sask Party MLA Greg Brkich: April 25, 2006

"Mr. Speaker, that member of the revolutionary, socialist party is dealing totally and solely in rhetoric on a continuing basis"
- Sask Party MLA Yogi Huyghebaert: November 25, 2005

"This whole shell game which the NDP government plays of 'now you see it, now you don’t', reminds me of an analogy that I’ve read on governments. In communism you have two cows; the government will take both of them and give you part of the milk. "
-Sask Pary MLA Donna Harpauer: April 4, 2000

"The people of this province know that the main priority of this government is to build a socialist Utopia here at their expense — an island of socialism, Mr. Speaker."
- Sask Party MLA Lyle Stewart: March 26, 2004

"Here we spend millions of dollars — billions worldwide— put lives on the line to stop and arrest the spread of communism, and lo and behold, here in Saskatchewan we vote in a party that has the same ideologies. [sic]"
- Sask Party MLA Yogi Huyghebaert: March 26, 2001

"In the next election, all of us who care about our children will put an end to the NDP’s socialist master plan once and for all, Mr. Speaker"
- Sask Party MLA Lyle Stewart: April 3, 2000

"This is really an age-old socialist trick. Use the Crowns to bleed the people, and then use their existence to prove that socialism works."
- Sask Party MLA June Draude: March 26, 1997

"I do not trust this socialist government because history has shown, history has shown, Mr. Speaker, that this socialist government right over there, if they can devise a way to take nuts from a squirrel they’re going to do it and they have done it"
- Sask Party MLA Alan Kerpan: April 12, 2004

"We were at the door to the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), to the Soviet Union, to protect from the expansion of their ideology. And yes, I was there….Because the wall was built not to keep people out, Mr. Speaker; the wall was built to keep people in. People were escaping the oppression of an ideology. And that is essentially what’s happening in Saskatchewan. "
- Sask Party MLA Yogi Huyghebaert: March 23, 2004

"They are more committed to the socialist doctrines of Tommy Douglas and the Regina Manifesto than they are to the success of this province."
- Sask Party MLA Lyle Stewart: March 26, 2004

"What we're seeing today, Mr. Speaker, is the socialist attitude for democracy, the attitude that what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine. Or to put it another way, that anything that furthers the socialist agenda is sacred and any method used to thwart the socialist goals is a sacrilege. …Mr. Speaker, this reminds me of the action taken in the legislatures of Russia during the years of Stalin and in the legislatures of Germany prior to world war II. The legislatures there were dominated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis."
- Sask Party MLA Dan D'Autremont: July7, 1992

Wow! A great collection of quotes. They should be better known so I have copied them to my blog. That should mean at least half a dozen more people read them!
I like this one:
if they can devise a way to take nuts from a squirrel they’re going to do it and they have done it"
Actually the Sask. party would be better off if they concentrated on getting rid of the nuts from their own party!


It is embarrassing to me that these illiterates could be the government of my province in a few months. The average Saskatchewan resident who MIGHT vote for them is not aware of how extreme the Sask Party actually is. They LOVE George Bush - need I say more?

LD said, "need I say more?"

Actually yes. All you've highlighted is some in the Sask Party, past and present, who alluded to the NDP and CCF's socialistic beginnings.

If naming someone who believes in the opposite ideology an extremist of that ideology, makes the accuser an extremist -- what does that make someone who claims that the Sask Party are "Right Wing Extremists"?

Communist, according to your logic, I guess.

The more you belt out this crap, the more your kind look like fools. The Sask Party are no more extreme than the NDP.


Any elected Member of the Legislature who considers the New Democratic Party to be COMMUNIST is uneducated, illiterate and frankly, stupid. This is not simple rhetoric from the likes of D'Autremont, Brkych, Stewart, etc. These guys are so completely uneducated in political science, they cannot distinguish the difference. They are so far to the Right politically, that left of centre seems like 'communism' to them.

These are more then just allusions "to the NDP and CCF's socialistic beginnings." These articulations are the standard BELIEFS of the majority of card carrying Saskatchewan Party members.

Nice try to deflect and water down what Wall's 'Harper loving' and 'Bush loving' MLA's actually believe!!!!!

Yeah, um, so are the quotes inaccurate or is there something I'm missing?

Gee they sound like quotes from Kate at SDA.

Eugene, the Saskatchewan Party and smalldeadanimals have a 'cozy' ideological relationship! Very observant of you! :)

And here's a tip of the hat to Krydor for proving to lance what I was saying about Sask Party supporters being extreme on the rightwing side of the political spectrum!

Did any of these people get "named" by the speaker of the legislature?

How could language of this type come to the floor of any legislature? Such language is the province of less than civil persons.

I'll not mention the Reform Party because that would be rude, wouldn't it ?

David there is a HUGE Reform Party legacy and influence in the Saskatchewan Party. Their former leader, Elwin Hermanson was a Reform Member of Parliament.

Of the quotes I used above, only the one where Tommy Douglas was called 'Tommy the commie' by Jason Dearborn received any kind of admonishment from the Speaker.

There are a LOT of Liberals in Saskatchewan who vote for these right wingers because they are so blinded in their hatred of the NDP.

It may be that this time around the Liberal vote will reduce and they will decide if the NDP or these extremists win government!


So the quotes are not factual representations of the NDP and their socialistic policies?

The SaskParty will win simply because the province is absolutely sick of the NDP. A term or two might bring them back to the moderate outlook of Romanow and McKinnon. Voted twice for that duo.

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