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Friday, September 21, 2007 

Union Challenges Saskatchewan Party On Privatization Inconsistency

When members of the Opposition Saskatchewan Party talk about their policy on the privatization of crown corporations, they have a customized message for you whether you favour a sell off or not.

If they encounter a ‘pro-privatization’ individual, they simply point out a Sask Party convention policy resolution, passed in 2005, that is titled "Stopping Provincial Government Competition with Private Sector Businesses," which calls for a complete review of areas of government (including Crowns corporations) which compete with the private sector.

If they encounter a voter who likes the current configuration of Crown corporations in Saskatchewan, they quickly move to Message ‘B’ where they assure you (repeatedly) that they have NO intention of reviewing or privatizing any crown assets or enterprise.

Into this mixed message environment comes the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union which represents employees at SaskEnergy, SaskWater and part of SaskPower. The CEP wants the Saskatchewan Party to get their story straight as this province prepares for an upcoming election.

“At a press conference Thursday, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union officials from locals representing SaskTel employees said they needed "clarification" after recent comments by Saskatchewan Party MLA Dan D'Autremont that SaskTel subsidiary SecureTek could be wound down because it competed with private businesses.

Party leader Brad Wall had quickly said D'Autremont had misrepresented the party's position and that it fully supported keeping the Crowns -- and all of their subsidiaries whether they compete with the private sector or not -- public.”

Regina Leader Post
September 21, 2007

Regina Leader Post

Is the union challenging the NDP's inconsistency regarding the sell off of an oil upgrader?

The NDP didn't "sell off (of) an oil upgrader." The upgrader is owned by Federated Co-op.

THE sell off of.

OK, straighten me out then. Was it a crown asset before the sale, and whose asset is it now?

Oh sorry I just figured out what you were doing with the brackets there. I thought you were correcting my grammar.

The Province held an 'equity' position with Federated Coop for providing loan guarantees to them. Now that the loans are repaid, and the province's guarantee is no longer required, the province has surrendered its equity back to the Federated Coop.

This is NOT a privatization!
This is NOT a 'sell off of' a crown asset!

Only those media outlets and political parties who are ideologically blind in their hatred for the NDP could see it or spin it as such.

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