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Thursday, October 18, 2007 

Russian Ship Crosses Arctic Seaway To Churchill, Manitoba

History was made yesterday in Manitoba. A Russian ship arrived at the Canadian port of Churchill, Manitoba after travelling across the Arctic Ocean. This is a first! While it is an amazing event, it is tempered by the fact that global warming has melted so much of the Arctic that a new seaway has opened up.

(Footnote: - and the individual responsible for the extreme right wing blog, 'smalldeadanimals' continues to deny that global warming exists!)

-Globe & Mail
-Arctic Warming Continues

Odd, NASA thinks it's a change in ocean currents...

On the bright side, means another sea route. Means northern development. This is a good thing.

Yeah - change in ocean currents DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

What is with you conservatives?!!

you can be as communist as they come and not believe in climate change.

A Marxist-Feminist prof of mine thought human induced global warming was BS.

"Join the NDP, but only if you believe climate change is exclusively caused by human beings"

i think those on the right tend to believe in nonsense a bit more than on the left. I don't know too many lefties who think that the earth is only 8000 years old and that Noah's Ark is factual history - whereas on the right ..... nut cases ... all!

Hang on a second, is the melt a result of Global Warming/Climate Change or are the changing currents part of the reason for Global Warming/Climate Change? Ah, you see, there's the rub.

There's this whole correlation/causation and so forth that has to be looked into before we can blame bad old humans.

Krydor ... 6 Billion people live on the planet, the breathable air is in the first 3 kilometers closest to the surface of the earth. Billions of cars, millions of factories, millions of cooking fire, forest fires, the poor old atmosphere is stressed and it is totally mental to deny it or to believe that humans are not having a major impact on the planet. What is with your "bad old humans" way of thinking. Who said we are bad. We gain knowledge each generation and then do what has to be done.

You are an intelligent guy, what is all the fear about .. humans are affecting the atmosphere and there are consequences. Stop the hesitation and get with the reality of the situation. (However, if you are one of those who believe the earth is only 8000 years old and Armegedon is our fate) .... well then you would be too irrational to even talk to.


Dude, I'm an Atheist. I'm a sciency type fellow. I have no doubt, none, that humans have an effect on the atmosphere. I don't think Climate Change is a myth.

I do think that AGW has serious issues in the theory department. I have found that discussing AGW with the hard left is futile. The reactions to debate are akin to discussing evolution with the hard right.

Look, I get that the doom and gloom scenarios are a fantastic way to forward green energy projects and protect air and water quality. If the ends justify the means, then fine. Just don't expect people to be in lock step over the whole thing.

PHIL!!! I never even said the word 'chrisitian'!! When I said "(However, if you are one of those who believe the earth is only 8000 years old and Armegedon is our fate) .... well then you would be too irrational to even talk to." I was talking about Fundamentalists of ALL stripes because all 3 - christians, jews, muslims ALL believe in the Adam & Eve crap and global warfare. - Christians are waiting for a Jesus, Jews for a Messiah, Muslims for a Mahdi!

Why are you so OVERLY sensitive about christianists?

I'm not, its just you only blog stories critical of Christians...when a Muslim cleric in Canada says something stupid theres nary a peeep out of the left leaning blogosphere, but a crazy Christian? You guys jump all over that like lindsay lohan in a coke factory.

Probably because christianism is so prevalent here in North America. AND they also control the White House and 24 Sussex Drive. If we had a fundamentalist Muslim US President or an orthodox Jewish Canadian Prime Minister, trust me, I would be on their ass too!

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