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Monday, October 01, 2007 

Toking Tories Have A Moral Obligation To Turn Themselves Into Police

Since the Conservative Government of Canada has decided that they need to make criminals out of the 16.8% of Canadians who use cannabis by going to 'war' against them, it is only fitting that they start at home.

So here is a challenge to ANY member of the Blogging Tories, who occasionally uses marijuana or other cannabis product - turn yourself into the police IMMEDIATELY!

If you firmly believe that the use of cannabis by Canadians is a crime or a moral deficiency, then you have a moral obligation to either pay your debt to society (OR) speak out against your government's 1930's approach to the issue!

Put it on the line Blogging Tories ... any honesty going on in your ranks?

Buckdog's Challenge to all 'toking tories'

So Buckdog, you like to toke up. Makes everything so much clearer.

I hate to tell you this, but just because you and all of your left-wing friends "toke up", that doesn't mean that the majority of the population does.

Actually, I noticed that according to your post 16.8% of the population enjoys cannabis on a regular basis and the NDP consistently get around 16% - 17% of the popular vote every federal election...

Sweety Darling !!! Sounds like I touched a nerve there treeeent! How presumptuous of you to tell me what I do or don't do!

Trent: Here is the profile that you left when you posted above - I have the screen capture:

IP Address ? (The Globe and Mail)
Location Continent : North America
Country : Canada (Facts)
State/Region : Ontario
City : Toronto

Do you work for the Globe and Mail - you must using one of their computers! I think there might be a story in that alone!!!!

Typical thin skinned authoritarian right wing nutzoid!!

We're all gentlenen here...easy now

But heres an idea Dog, stop being a dink by posting up IP Addresses! Christ.

Phil - go back and read treeeeent's first sentence and then tell me who the dink is!!!!

LOL, if "conservatives" all turned themselves in for the things they do there'd be no market for most "vices". The brothels would be empty, the strip clubs empty and drugs would be sold at discount rates.

The truth is the average "liberal" lives more conservatively than the average conservative and there are tons of religious folks in prisons but not many athiests. Go figure.

Right on Mama! I picture Canadian Conservative Members of Parliament all gung ho about a 'war on drugs' as they have a little hoot after hours!! They have taken the lid off Pandora's Box with this one!!!

If you know eveyones IP Address.Then you know were I live then don't you Leftdog?

Yup - I've noticed before - I like you - you are civil! I don't like Trent, however!!!

huffb1 ... if you want to talk more, you can email me .... otherwise - enough said.

I toke every so often,and I would recommended it over say alcohol much more pleasant.Quite relaxing and mellow.Also helps with my Muscular Dystrophy.Throw me in jail...
Not something to be ashamed of Conservatives need to grab a clue before they go spouting off nonsense

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