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Sunday, November 04, 2007 

Everyone Changes Clocks Back - Except Saskatchewan!!

All over North America this weekend, people will be setting their clocks back an hour, fixing their DVD / VCR's and getting their schedules adjusted to the time change ....... unless of course you live in Saskatchewan, one of the very few remaining civilized places where such nonsense is ignored!

That is not to say that in Saskatchewan there aren't a few dinosaurs who want to return to the practice of moving their clocks back and forth in the spring and summer.

Saskatchewan Party Leader, Brad Wall has stated that if he is elected Premier, he will ensure that the province has a referendum to determine if we will join the rest of North America in this mindless ritual.

I for one, will be voting NO!!!

-Time Debate Enters Saskatchewan Election As An Issue
-Canadian Press
-Time Change Causes Accidents

Why should we change clocks, we dont want to be like the rest of North America. It is what keeps our business people alert they have to think about what time it is else where when they do business throughout the rest of Canada. Stop and think how much time would be wasted changing clocks twice a year.


Granted, I could care less about DST because I live in the Northwest part of the province, so we get about half an hour of sunlight extra in the summertime anyways, but I would hardly call those who want to be forced to wake up an hour earlier just to get an extra waking daylight hour in the evening dinosaurs.

The true dinosaurs are the ones who believe that livestock would actually be affected by such a change.

I was looking at the website: http://www.worldtimezone.com/daylight.html

and I learn it's mostly the northern hemisphere that participates.

I'd like to know why the rest of the world doesn't participate. Maybe they know something.

I am confused. Does this mean we would stay on Alberta time? In the winter it gets dark here at 5pm in Regina, I would not like it to be dark at 4pm, because it would not be safe for my children to walk home from school or play outside. I think safety should come before thinking that everyone else changes their clocks, we should do it too, arguement.

We all get an extra hour of blogging as a result. While you don't.

Changing clocks and adjusting them forward and back is not big deal. I already have to do this six times a year because of all of the power outages I have from Sask Power.

Eugene ... a lot of people would like to get an hour 'less' of Buckdog!

I have to agree with leftdog on his last comment.

"a lot of people would like to get an hour 'less' of Buckdog!"

how about an hour less of leftdog and GPM.

Its good were going to have a referendum. Then we can stop talking about this every year on JGL.

I don't take sides on this issue because either way I don't care.

we change are clocks good. We don't change are clocks good.

Its all good to me.

Down south here the state of Arizona does not fiddle with their clocks so half the year they're in sync with California and the other half with Texas.

Not Your Mama ... glad to hear that at least one other place in North America doesn't do the 'change the clock' shuffle!

If I lived in Arizona I wouldn't give a shit about changing time, either, but for people in SK. who work, we're just squandering all those good hours.

I'm from northern BC and time doesn't change there either... it's this weird pocket up in oil patch country. Some places north of the Peace Region change and everyone south, but we didn't. Half of the year we were on BC timem and half we were on Alberta time. It isn't a big deal either way.

You clearly live in an extremely civilized place! Kudos!

I'm in Toon now and loving it actually.

:) You know, like the silicon valley, Switzerland has a watch valley with many watchmakers there. check this out

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