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Thursday, November 08, 2007 

Meet Brad Wall - The New Right Wing Premier Of Saskatchewan

“Wall's biggest trust problem is the lingering suspicion that his party has a right-wing agenda that it plans to reveal only once it is in power -- a suspicion that may have some merit.”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Mar 11, 2006

“Wall stances in the past year -- no Crown corporation investment, no gay marriage, and, most recently, no additional hours regulations for part-time workers -- have left you with the impression that his leadership is no less socially and economically conservative than that of his predecessor, Elwin Hermanson.”
- Regina Leader Post: Jan 19, 2005

"[The Sask Party] is perceived as too right wing, too hard-hearted and just generally scary."
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Oct 4, 2005

“Both Wall and D'Autremont insisted, with straight faces, that their party never really has favoured privatization, has always been a "populist" party and not right-of-centre, and isn't allowing opinion polls to dictate its policies[...] After Tuesday's flip-flopping, why would voters see Wall as any more trustworthy than Hermanson?”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Nov 24, 2004

"While Saskatchewan Party sources are always hyping and shamelessly spinning the notion of moderation, this is a party that, on specific issues, tends to reveal itself to be the same old band of Conservatives and Reformers that the NDP accuse them of being."
- Regina Leader Post: Jan 19, 2005

"It's here where you also begin to see how tiresomely -- and frankly, dangerously -- predictable Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have become. Consider the Saskatchewan Party's tax cut calls in the last six months. Cut business taxes. Cut corporate income taxes. Cut property taxes. Cut income taxes. Cut the provincial sales tax and now cut gas taxes. Even with an extra $255 million in revenue this year, how do you do all that without some cuts to government programs and services?"
- Regina Leader Post: Sep 9, 2005

“The moderate new face of the Saskatchewan Party has been a long time in coming. Perhaps it's because fangs are so hard to remove.”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Jan 20, 2005

“In short, the sanitation engineers have been sent in to clean up the Sask Party. The question is whether this is a group that really wants to be sanitized.”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Jan 20, 2005

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Already campaigning for 2011, are we?

Hope beats fear, Leftdog. At least give them a chance to make good on the positive aspects of their platform.

Yes that is what Progressive Conservative types (like Wall) would love ... 'let's forget about the past! Let's forget about 9 unbalanced budgets (1982- 1991) ... let's forget about 16 Progressive Conservative Memebers of the Legislature being CONVICTED OF FRAUD ' ... yes how covinenient for Brad Wall and those who support him ...

Some of us believe that if we are NOT vigilant, the history just may repeat itself.

This new Premier has a history of lying. We are going to keep him on as tight a leash of vigilance as we can.

It is all fair and well Dylan, for you to say give him a chance ... it is wise to keep a wary eye on the dog that has bit you in the past!

"it is wise to keep a wary eye on the dog that has bit you in the past!"

I hear ya!

Let me be somewhat gracious .... I will say this in his defence - Mr. Wall is as rabid a RIDERS fan as you and I are Dylan!!!

Yeah I'm not altogether happy with the outcome of yesterdays election... but I guess we can only wait and see what will happen. Who knows, he may surprise me.

Have any of your looked up the Common Sense Revolution(CSR)of Mike Harris' Tories?

Ontario -- 1995


Just how bad was it? What would you expect from the likes of Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement and John Baird?

The CSR was the start of a downhill slide and we're still trying to undo the damage.

Well at least we know that the Riders will win the Grey Cup. ;)

Hope beats fear!!

Very scary! It's funny how you quote MSM at your convenience. Just saying.

I'm not a huge believer in the Sask. Party, but I'm not thinking about catastrophe for the province. Here's why:
The "common sense" revolution happened in Ontario. We all know that Saskatchewan is less likely to be tied to anything happening in Ontario. Especially with checks of balances like unions to keep the Sask Party in line.
Next, if everyone's fears are correct, the Sask Party is more like the Alberta Conservatives, who got rid of their debt.
I am worried that there will be cuts in the wrong places, but I'm not worried that we'll go back to the crazy days of spending uncontrollably.
While I'm not a huge NDP fan either, I do hope that they can play a good role as the check to the Sask Party: make sure hospitals are well run. Make sure SGI and Sasktel are being run properly. In other words, ensure the party doesn't turn into something the people of Saskatchewan didn't elect.

As an American (disclaimer: I'm a conservative Democrat), one thing I am very envious of Canadians of is for the fact that third, fourth, and fifth parties -- particularly provincial entities such as the Sask. Party and Bloc Quebecois--are politically viable both in provincial as well as national elections.

I wish that the Libertarians could be a check on the Republicans, and that the Greens could be a check on the Democrats. What happens in our winner-take-all system is that these two are fringe parties with no true political viability beyond sabotaging the two major parties. Swinging votes from one major party to another is hardly a checking power, and while both major parties are stagnant and polarized, I can tell you that after my experience as a member of the Libertarian Party that the third parties ARE full of fringe nuts. In Canada, at least, there is an inherent political honesty insomuch that people who are for marijuana decriminalization and legalization are called "the Marijuana Party." In America, they're called "Libertarians," and any other issues ostensibly on the party platform are window dressing at best.

While I am not advocating multi-party parliamentary democracy as Canada has for
America, I do believe that there is a healthier marketplace of ideas in Canadian politics. This may indeed result in some more right-wing electorial results, which actually makes me happy.

But, best of all, it doesn't result in people having to pigeonhole their political allegiance in either of two unacceptable political parties.

In Canada, at least, the left have three viable choices for political affiliation: Liberal, NDP, and Green. The right has (at least, nationally) but one choice: Conservative. This is a reflection that Canada on balance leans to the left. However, it is becoming apparent that there are two Canadas, and that the solution for the Western parties is regional parties with regional interests.

Agree with their platforms or not, this is healthy for Canada.

"... this is healthy for Canada."
I hadn't looked at it that way but you make a lot of sense. Canada is a very diverse nation with many diverse characteristics ... so why not?

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