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Thursday, November 29, 2007 

Saskatchewan's Premier Wall gives notice of MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING CUTS!

So now we get a better idea of what the right wingers in Regina have up their sleeves. They are going to SLASH government spending .... here is the code they used this morning to signal spending cuts;

"Seeking efficiencies and cost-saving measures and reducing the rate of spending growth in government departments as part of the 2008-09 budget development process and legislating an annual review of government spending practices within the new Saskatchewan Growth and Financial Security Act, which will be introduced in December;"
Sask Finance News Release

"The Saskatchewan Party government says the province expects to rake in an extra $1.2 billion in revenues than it budgeted for — but the news in its mid-year financial report isn't all good. Finance Minister Rod Gantefoer says even though the revenue forecast is way up, operating expenses are, too. The operating expense for 2007-2008 is now forecast to be $8.04 billion, up about $247 million from the budget."

So in a nutshell ... here is the premise of Brad Wall's PHONY financial crisis ... Revenues are up, $1.2 Billion MORE than expected and Expenses are up, $247 Million higher than expected! This is a crisis???? (nice try Brad!)

It sure didn't take long for the sheep skin to fall off.

Are they expecting oil prices to crash because they told the electorate that the mere election of their party would boost investment?

What about the evil FSF? I thought it was an accounting trick?
Wall & Co. seem to like it now.

"why didn't the NDP table a 4 year financial plan in the last budget??"

What a bunch of nonsense! No provincial government nor the Federal gov't does that but you rag on Calvert for NOT doing it? Ridiculous!

So here is what you are saying. The Budget this year has $1.2 Billion extra in Revenue and Expenses of $247 Million extra ... and that is a crisis?
You are very bad at budget analyisis!

Apparently, the didn't read Mandryk's piece the other day.

Oh, and so now can I say, "I told you so?" and then get to work fighting these bad men?

geez, all this belly aching about the NDP making spending annoucements to try and win more seats, yet the Sask Party kept pretty good pace with billions in spending announcements of their own. What's good for the goose....

The Sask Party may have won, but they sold most of their right-wing soul along the way...

"It sure didn't take long for the sheep skin to fall off."

great comment and devastatingly true

Less then 1 month ago Brad Wall was saying that he wanted to put forth Legislation that would make it illegal to have DEFICIT Budgets. Now listen to the "sask party wolves in Sheep Clothing" .

These guys got in and in less then 1 month they are already in over their head...

Brad Wall should stick to being a cheerleader for the Riders. The only thing this moron is good at.

Cutting taxes with our amount of debt is insane....The NDP shouldnt have done it either but they were forced to...but they got blown out of the water anyway.

By 2011 the sask Party wolves already warning us to expect a debt of 14.5 billion. (from the current $10.4 billion)

The idiot citizens wanted change?? now you will get it !!...grrrrrrrrrrrr

So Mike .. who were you supporting (or voting for if you were old enough) from 1982 to 1991? I bet you were a BIG Grant Devine booster weren't you? .... when all of that debt happened from 9 unbalanced Conservative budgets?

"We won ... you lost" - readers will note how right wing thinkers consider government as a 'trough' of sorts ..
'to the winner, the spoils'!


Did you read the the fiscal update?



If you hate government debt so much, surely you would support the governments commitment to avoid debt.

And yes, governments always publish 4-year plans.

In fact, saskatchewan policy states that 4-year plans must be published...


Yes, we did win. And 52% of the general population feels the same way I do.

Yes, there were unbalanced Conservative budgets. Different crew now. Different managers. What's your point?

Was the NDP under Romanow, exactly the same under Calvert. Not even close.

I ask you what's worse. The people that caused the debt problem, or the people that had the ability to fix the problem, but chose not to?
Romanow and McKinnon tackled the problem. Calvert spent like Devine.

And the budgets were not balanced. The auditor general stated they spent more than they brought in. That's not a balanced budget.

If you think they were, you have no understanding of GAAP or are such an ideologue that you can't admit when your team does something wrong.

This post sure hit a nerve with the hard right! Mike ... the Sask Party was elected to serve the people ... Wall's government will prove to be terrible. No doubt in my mind. 4 years and you're out ... you'll see. Heard much from your pal David McLean lately? I'm surprised he hasn't shown up here yet to cash in at the trough like Iain Harry has at $12,500 per month to be an 'advisor' to Wall.

after 16 years of blaming everything on Devine, then losing this past election I would have thought that you socialists would come up with something better...but no....bring Devine's name into every debate....
Well I guess it is only fair to bring up Liar Lorne's mistakes.....Spudco, Murdock, Friends of The CWB. Balanced Budgets that Weren't...and more dirty laundry to be brought out of the NDP closet...soon
I predict that Sask's economy will continue to grow with many more ex-pats returning, weakening the NDP's hold on the urban seats they so desperately need..
funny how the NDP raped and pillaged rural Sask. for the last 16 years and all of a sudden the NDP brains think they need to reconnect with farmers and rural residents...Good luck with that..
cancelled Grip, closed Hospitals, closed Schools, reduced Crop Insurance coverage, highways no better than those in 3rd world countries,

Listen plainjoe .. if you are making $12,500 per month from Wall like Iain Harry is ... then the taxpayers are being ripped off.

Listen you right wing nutbar ... the two worst things that ever happened in Sask history was a) the Great Depression / Dust Bowl, b) the Devine government!

We keep mentionining it because after his 9 unbalanced budgets added $12Billion DEBT to each of us ... we are affected to this day! During the NDP years they had to pay about $700 Million per year on INTEREST alone, let alone anything on the principle.

And you have the NERVE to mention the GRIP program!! $1Billion a year of Borrowed money to create a false economy with the price of wheat in rural areas. Fuck that! That is why we had the debt that we did!

What a history revisionist you are!


It seems the left wing mantra of the day is "wait and see, it'll happen"

Why don't you comment on something after the fact, rather than all the "what ifs"?

Left or right, a good debate is based on facts, not speculation.

You hit no nerve at all. I'm a right winger that can admit Devine spent too much. I can admit McKinnon helped the province clean up the mess. I can also say, after the fact, that Calvert was horrible for this province.

Do you have the ability to put the left/right wing rhetoric aside and wait until Premier Wall does something, rather than speculate on what you think might happen based on what Devine did 25 years ago?

Wall is on the record PRAISING the Devine government. As a Ministerial Assitant under the Devine government that is where he apprenticed.

I will diarize you comment.

the worst thing that ever happened to this Prov. was Toomy Douglas, 68 years of socialist rule and Sask. has not grown at all....the 30s depression and the 80s were very similar poor crops on the prairies(drought) and high interest rates followed by very low resource prices....but go ahead blame it on Devine...
I see you follow the Liar Lorne's lead and just make things up...GRIP was funded by the Prov.and the Fed. gov'ts and never cost this prov. 1 billion dollars a year....but it's cancellation by Roy did cost this Prov. tonnes of money and a decade of young farmers...
and yes the Rural people that the NDP so desperately need now, do and will remember the NDP..
as far as being a wing nut, I have never gone into a senior's carehome and spread lies and fear...can you say the same thing?

is that you David McLean from Edmonton? Come on I know that's you!! Howzit goin!?

to the junior neo cons;

You like to make ignorant and predictable declarations about how The CCF/NDP ruined Saskatchewan...You call them "communists" , "socialists" .

ok fine...lets take a look at North & South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming. These are agricultural States. The CCF/NDP system did not exist there..

yet these States are far less prosperous then Saskatchewan.

You Proles have no idea that Alberta's success is based on Oil and oil only...Tourism is likely a bigger industry in Alberta then agriculture.

if you want to do a comparison with Manitoba then lets do that one to. I would be happy to instruct you.

I wish you Sask Haters would fuck off to your beloved Alberta yesterday. You are going to put us into bankruptcy. Based on the press release the Sask Party are already in over their heads.
what about Brad Walls proposed Legislation about making deficit spending illegal...that election platform crumbled with in 21 days.

Ironic that "Wall" and "crumbling" are in the same sentence

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