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Wednesday, December 26, 2007 

The Conservative Party Declares War On The CBC

Hot on the heels of a very coordinated attack on the CBC by the Conservatives and their blogging minions, the Tories are now appealing to their members with a fundraising letter.

OTTAWA -- The Conservative Party of Canada has slammed the country's public broadcaster in a fundraising letter to party members.
The Canadian Press

Whooee! Somebody oughta remind 'em that if it weren't fer the CBC (Radio-Canada), the AdScammers'd still have a majority gummint. AdSCam was exposed by the CBC, pure'n'simple.


Here in the US, the Bush Reich just appointed wing-nuts to the public broadcasting station board.

Here is the link to the story Buckdog


What is interesting is the letter implies that there is a big conspiracy to be against the Cons. This clearly is not true, but it does appeal to the party faithful as the CBC is the easiest to victimize. Of course the reason for the Cons drop in the polls is not the fault of the CBC conspiracy but the policies of the Conservatives and how they are not in line with the values of the majority of Canadians. Examples of these could be the approach Harper has taken with Global Warming at the Bali Summit, the handling of the Chalk River Reactor Shutdown, and lack of government transparency
by dragging their feet over issuing FOI.

Every Conservatiive Prime Minister since Diefenbaker--except Clark--(and there are damned few of them) has tried to rein in the CBC.

Diefenbaker was particularly stung by This Hour Has Seven Days. In the days following the telecast, he'd have to dodge pointed questions and try to play down the media coverage.

Mulroney--bless his heart--was slime from day one and CBC was quite able to show that starting with Coates, Fraser and then on down to Stevens et al.

Harper may think he's the smartest person in the room but he can't rein in the news that leaks out anyway. His office spends an awful lot of time in spin and damage control. Harper knows this and he can't outstrategize the fourth estate--particularly the CBC.

Joe Clark had brains and had respect for the CBC. Crosbie, with his 18 cent a gallon tax on gasoline, and Crosbie's mouth sank the Tory fortunes.

In view of all this, is it not surprising that this letter be circulated among members?

And you think members are buying it?

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