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Monday, December 17, 2007 

One Last Yugoslav War Is Looming Between Serbia And Kosovo

When the former Yugoslavia collapsed it degenerated into a series of wars during the years 1991-1999.

The ethnic cleansing that occurred in Kosovo sparked NATO intervention and led eventually to the collapse of the Slobodan Milosevic government.

Kosovo is about to declare unilateral independence from Serbia and if that occurs, all bets are off for a peaceful resolution to what will be yet another armed conflict between the two.

Serbian nationalism is still a strong force and Kosovo is considered a critical portion of the traditional Serb homeland.

European Union officials have tried to entice the Serbs to disavow violence by promising them a fast track into EU membership.

Keep your eye on this story. It has far ranging implications.

-EU proposal lays out steps on Kosovo independence
-Kosovo's Move Toward Independence Stirs Fears of Violence
-Kosovo situation has reached crisis point
-When it comes to Kosovo, Canada’s in odd company


Yes, it is all about Serbian nationalism and intolerance. So much so that the EU and USA have to force poor albanian monoethnical majority to declare independence in order to protect themself.
(by the way: 90% of population is ethic Albanian and muslim, 60% of population is younger than 30 and unemployment is about 40%, GDP of Kosovo is around GDP of Kenya) Also, this pathetic biased article above does not account for 120 000 ethnic serbians living in the north of Kosovo, separated from their native country by force, who does not recognize (and never ever will) oppressing albanian majority governance of the province. New war. No. The nortern Kosovo will seceed (like it or not) and we will all live hapilly by completely ignoring each other!
First, albanians were terorizing serbian minority on Kosovo since the WW II, then they went in open confrontation with Serbian goverment and police in late 1990's (so caled 'ethnic clensing') and then the NATO bombs forced actual exodus of albanian population and serbian surrender of their province. Now the author is wondering about 'new war'?! No. It is about 'new rules' and those who created them. Does South Osetia and Abhazia mean anything to you?! Does anybodu wanna see the Basq provinces or Corsica and South Tyrol in the same story?!

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