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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

Quess Who Is Going To Start Talks With The Taliban? The Prime Minister of Great Britain!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown: 'It's time to talk to the Taliban'

"Six years after British troops were first deployed to oust the Taliban regime, the Prime Minister believes the time has come to open a dialogue in the hope of moving from military action to consensus-building among the tribal leaders. Since 1 January, more than 6,200 people have been killed in violence related to the insurgency, including 40 British soldiers. In total, 86 British troops have died. The latest casualty was Sergeant Lee Johnson, whose vehicle hit a mine before the fall of Taliban-held town of Musa Qala."

Colin Brown
Deputy Political Editor
Independent.co.uk Online Edition
Published: 12 December 2007

So once again I want to kick the butts of right wingers (both Conservatives and certain notorious right wing Liberals) who attacked Jack Layton for saying the same thing a year ago!


So I guess we're going to have to call him "Taliban Gord" from now on.

That would be consistent. You also need to remember that 'Taliban Karzai' and many others .. have suggested the same thing. Jack was merely the first to recognize that we simply do not want a state of 'perpetual war' in 'Afghanistan, hence, dialogue may be a realistic way to try and end the killing and find a way for all sides in that nation to work together.

It is the Conservative Party of Canada and certain right wing Liberals who want to maintain an endless, bloody, futile ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Talking with the Taliban? More like whistling past the graveyard. Has anyone noticed just how interested the Taliban are in deals these days? They just opened a new branch plant across the border to take on the Pakistani army. They're after a lot more than talk. The sad thing is what we're doing such a bloody poor job of making them think otherwise. The Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen and Hazara have no intention of supporting any meaningful power sharing deal with the Taliban. If anything I think they'd rather throw in with the Taliban, topple Karzai, and then resume their civil war from the good old days. I know that sounds insane - it is.

Whooee! Mound makes some good points. Why would the Taliban wanna talk when they're winnin'? It was a lot longer than a year ago when Jack suggested talkin'. In fact, he backed off from pushin' that idea after he was labeled Taliban Jack. When he suggested it, though, we were winning and thought we'd win. Again, why does a winner want to talk? Now, we want to talk (or at least Britain does) but it's from a much weaker position than if we'd done it when Jack suggested.

Not too many wars end in decisive victory and unconditional surrender. Negotiation is the thing that ends most wars. It's a logical move but not real promising at this point.


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