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Thursday, January 03, 2008 

Why Has No One Been Charged In The Death Of Robert Dziekanski?

On Oct. 14, 2007, Robert Dziekanski died at Vancouver International Airport after the RCMP used their Taser guns to subdue him, knelt on his neck, and then refused to remove his handcuffs when requested to by medical personnel.

Why has no one been charged in the death of Robert Dziekanski?

-Dziekanski Was Dead By The Time Medical Help Arrived: RCMP Would Still Not Remove Cuffs!

-RCMP Death Squad Could Face Criminal Charges

-"I want to get out, help me find the way...Police! Police! Can't you help me?"

"Why has no one been charged in the death of Robert Dziekanski?"

I don't know, maybe the R.C.M.P are trying to cover there ass's up.

what a poor year it was for the R.C.M.P

You mean stuff like this? ...

-Police taser 68 year old Kelowna man for double parking

Mountie disciplined for using Taser on senior. An RCMP officer in Kelowna, B.C., will be disciplined for using a Taser stun gun on a 68-year-old stroke victim over a parking violation.

Taser-wielding RCMP officer 'like kid with new toy,'woman says 'He couldn't wait to use it' wife claims of Mountie who shocked her husband, who is 68. Supt. Bill McKinnon said the incident grew out of a simple traffic stop that escalated.

Police Taser allegedly used for party fun
BRANDON -- Police pulled out a Taser weapon at a house party and zapped people who wanted to feel the jolt, officials have been told. The stun gun was reportedly brought by an on-duty officer to the party, where civilians were socializing with off-duty officers. Some partygoers asked to be Tasered, and allegedly they were.

RCMP Pepper Spray Infant!
Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police used pepper spray on an Aboriginal mother and her seven month old baby on a British Columbia Indian Reserve!

RCMP commissioner promises sweeping changes

yes thats what I mean. This is not an issue partisanship. This is an issue that affects all of us!!

I agree that what the police does affects us all! Remember that! In a democracy, even the police need watch dogs monitoring them to ensure that they do not abuse their power! That is key to a democracy! The ability of the people to question actions of police forces is critical - if we lose it, we lose freedom.

The Taser has become the new crack of the constabulary. A very sorry situation indeed. And Stockwell Day is still around and not managing this mess!

You are right about their love of tasers!

The issues in BC with the RCMP seem to growing and/or getting worse. You should also reference Ian Bush, a sad case and another of RCMP cover ups. It is time for most urban centres to start their own police force, as only 4 or 5 currently operate their own. That or a BCPP. In my opinion the RCMP should have a reduced mandate and be more like the FBI or other national law enforcement agencies.

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