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Monday, February 18, 2008 

For Gawd's Sake Albertans - Join The 21st Century!

Albertans! Aren't you embarrassed by this? This is your leader for gawds sake! Isn't it time to dispense with all of your nonsensical 'Progressive Conservative' cowboy crap and elect someone who actually understands that we have arrived into the 21st Century?

I am sure that this 'dude' is a big hit with Kate and her ilk at SDA because they like to worship illogical 19th century ideological crap about 'pioneers' and other historical remnants.


(This has been a free time public service announcement from Buckdog)

Do you have a photo of Harper and that leather vest and cowboy hat?

It seems nerdiness is a common trait among the conservatives!

What about Stockwell Day and that wetsuit and that polluting personal water craft--the bane of all cottagers and environmentalists.

Such photos should not be used unless one wishes to drive voters into the opposition camps.

You mean 'this one'?

"You'all better vote Conservative now"

Whooee! Are you tryin' to tell me every red-blooded Albertan male don't wear a bigass Stetson? Dang! Another myth busted.


Careful now...that obnoxious cowboy routine is quite often effective when it's seen to annoy the rest of us...Good thing you're not an latte-sipping...*gasp*...Easterner, Buckdog.

I have no problem with real cowboys, but the-suit-with-a-stetson in downtown Calgary...or this type of representation of cowboy culture alongside conservatism..is really nausea-inducing; if I could feel embarrassed for other people, I would.

Your suit-with-a-stetson is just part of the uniform. Just like the nerdy beanie and loud T-shirt worn during frosh week at most universities.

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