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Friday, February 15, 2008 

RCMP 'Investigate' Themselves - 'Exonerate' Themselves For Numerous Civilian Deaths While In Custody

On November 15th, 2007, I did a post entitled, 'Since 1992, 267 people have died while in the custody of or while being pursued by the police in British Columbia!'

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have recently been under a lot of scrutiny and criticism for civilian deaths including the death of Robert Dziekanski.

Well, the RCMP has now concluded an 'investigation' into itself and guess what (!) they have found themselves 'not responsible' for any deaths while in custody. All of the deaths were the fault of the person who died. (Bad people!)

"An internal RCMP report obtained by CBC News shows 80 people died while in police custody between 2002 to 2006, the majority due to alcohol intoxication or drug overdoses. [...] Of the 80 people who died in police custody, most were men over the age of 30 who had been using drugs or alcohol and had a criminal record. The report's author, a staff sergeant with national criminal operations, called the report "good news for the RCMP," because in 2006 none of the 15 deaths could have been prevented, as those people had put themselves in situations where "their decisions resulted in their deaths."

At some point, Canadians just might wonder if we should let the RCMP investigate themselves. As long as they do, there will remain a question as to whether or not the investigation was valid. I remain skeptical. The conclusions are suspect.

. . .in 2006 none of the 15 deaths could have been prevented, as those people had put themselves in situations where "their decisions resulted in their deaths."

Is this like saying, "well their death by drug overdose or excess of alcohol while in custody is their tough luck?"
That would mean that the thinking is "this is their lot because of their actions."

That's how I'm reading this. Am I wrong and if so will someone set me straight?

If it is true, isn't it quite alarming?

It IS quite alarming. The RCMP had a sergeant conduct the review. Someone who wears the uniform daily, with the bias that would accompany it - and this is supposed to be a open and honest review? It's a joke .... and the force itself is descending into a 'joke' as well!

Like I always say....Would they allow an accused embezzler to conduct the official investigation into the books in question?
Of course not.

Further to your comment that the force is descending into a joke.
Let's not forget the minister of the crown who's responsible for this: Stockwell Day.

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