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Monday, February 11, 2008 

Kate McMillan's Holocaust Humour

Smalldeadanimal's author, Kate McMillan beat her own record for vile antics today. In what she considers to be 'high mischief', she has reduced the Holocaust to a matter of mere humour!

-MyBlahg tells you what the vile Ms. McMillan has done.

-Warren Kinsella confirms it.

-Ezra Levant tries to defend her.

"... Kate McMillan boasted on her web site - under the sneering headline "Enriching Their Folklore" - that the Holocaust survivor tattoo was the vehicle registration number for her motorcycle. As you will see, she thinks it is very funny - faking a survivor's tattoo by writing a number on her forearm, photographing it, then sending it under a false name. Who is this woman? Would she consider the Holocaust a joke, even to get at me? She would, I think. McMillan is a Saskatchewan-based bigot who runs a web site called Small Dead Animals. If you have been in the blogosphere for any amount of time, you've certainly heard of her. She is one of the "Blogging Tories."
Warren Kinsella

"Kate's is not a prank I would have done. I've been to Yad Vashem too often to be irreverent about tattoos on Holocaust survivors. I'll grant Kinsella that it was humour in questionable taste. But it's not anti-Semitic."
Ezra Levant

Good God, Levant actually compares this prank to "The Producers."

If he genuinely can't tell the difference between mocking Hitler and mocking holocaust victims, then there is no hope for the man.

There is no hope for the man!!

Whooee! Even the powerful witch-hunter Joe McCarthy finally got his comeuppance.

"Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

Have you no sense of decency, Kate, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?


It's called satire. Dark satire, yes. But satire nonetheless.

'Satire' may have been the intended goal, but a minimization of the Holocaust and those who have survived it is what occurred. Is your last name McLean ... working in Edmonton?

If satire is the goal, you admit, then what is the big deal here? Have leftists lost their anti-establishment cred?

I only use my listed name for a reason. Just like Jimbobby! You should be thankful for a dissenting view. Especially after your freak out a few weeks back.

Huh! The fact that Kate may have been attempting Satire and totally MISSED the mark does not mean she did nothing wrong. A drunk may have the goal of just driving home but when she hits a vehicle head on and kills a mom and kids she doesn't get off the hook because her 'goal' was noble!
I freaked on you because you deserved it - I won't take crap on my blog -

Kate's apologists are NOT winning this argument. You should probably go to some of the Blogging Tory sites tonight where she is being soundly spanked by conservatives!

I am like thousands of other young conservative guys who wank off nightly to the hot image of Kate in her leathers, sitting on her bike (OR better yet) to the hot pic of her bare tighs in her blue jean cutoffs on the main page of her blogsite. She's hot!

It sounds pretty pathetic for someone to want to buy into the whole I-am-a-Holocaust-victim deal by putting their rego number on their arm. How is this satire? How is this parodying Kate's experience? Is she surrounded by people who are making an enormous deal out of Holocaust tattoos? Does she think perhaps that the tattoos were actually a pretty cool part of the whole deal?

Personally, as a Year 11-12 English/history teacher who constantly fights against bigotry and ignorance through teaching subjects related to the Holocaust, I will laugh loud and long at a lot of 'Holocaust humour', but I won't tell a single joke myself because it wasn't 'me or mine'. My personal opinion is that if those associated with the victims of the Holocaust wish to be involved in a debate about whether it's funny to dress as Hitler, that's their business. I don't have a stake in the pain, so I don't have a stake in the telling of the humour.

Kate's supposed 'humour' is a case, I suspect, of an ignoramus laughing 'at' rather than 'with', and with no greater intention than getting publicity for herself. Why not just get a swastika tattooed in her forehead and be done with it?

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