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Saturday, February 02, 2008 

'No Science Please - We're Conservatives'!

Science Adviser To Ottawa stunned By Termination

OTTAWA — National Science Adviser Arthur Carty is expressing dismay over the Conservative government's decision to terminate his position, saying Canada needs a non-partisan voice for science at the heart of federal power.

Dr. Carty told The Globe and Mail yesterday he decided to retire from the public service after being told his nearly four-year-old position would be phased out.

“I was particularly disappointed about the office disappearing as my hopes had been that I would, as a national science adviser, help make this a permanent institution in the government of Canada at the centre of government as it is in a number of countries,” he said yesterday.

Dr. Carty said he didn't want to wade into partisan politics, but did offer this opinion of the Conservative government: “It does on the surface seem to suggest they want less advice, not more. [...]

The rising concern over the decision comes as several science experts warn that the Conservative government's new approach to science is too focused on making money, leaving questions of ethics and the public good behind in the rush to discover new products.

Globe and Mail
February 2, 2008

Here in Ontario, Mike Harris--when he was premier--got rid of a senior medical and health adviser.
He(Harris) argued it was an expense and a drain on the taxpayer.

Then the Walkerton water tragedy happened only to be followed several years later by SARS.

The E.coli affected hundreds and took seven lives. Many in Walkerton will no longer trust tap water for drinking or cooking.
Many of these people have life-long health problems that require medications.

Then there was SARS What a f***-up that was. And who was the minister of health at the time?
Tony Clement.

A senior science adviser is an essential person but Harper seems to want to replicate Harris and GWBush.

Sound the alarm.

Faith based policies are a threat to us all. When it comes down to 'science' versus 'faith' - the right wing always opts for the illogical.

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